The University of Helsinki Open University provides everyone with the opportunity to complete flexible university-level studies based on educational methods that support learning.

The Open University cooperates with associates within and outside of the University of Helsinki to design courses based on the learning outcomes set for a specific topic. Students benefit from each other’s diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The Open University also serves as a path for prospective degree students, and helps ensure that the University of Helsinki can offer degree studies throughout the year.

Studies for all

The University of Helsinki’s Open University offers high-quality, research-based university teaching which conforms to the degree requirements of the University.

The University of Helsinki has offered Open University instruction since 1977. Today, the Open University is an independent institute of the University of Helsinki, and has units in Helsinki and Lahti. The Open University offers studies both on its own and in cooperation with other educational institutions in Finland.

The Open University is also responsible for organising the University of Helsinki’s open and free Studia Generalia lecture series, which aims to provide the general public with information about research and its results in various University disciplines.

There are no basic educational requirements or age limits for Open University studies. Studies at the Open University are suitable for various purposes, including:

  • Maintaining professional skills
  • Spending a gap year productively
  • Launching a new career
  • Learning about different disciplines
  • Experiencing the joy of learning and gaining new insights

Studies at the Open University can be incorporated into a University of Helsinki degree if the student pursues one later.

The Open University designs the studies so that students can complete them while working. Many courses can also be completed online as distance studies.

There are no age limits or previous education requirements. There are many reasons to pursue studies at the Open University. The Open University offers:

  • the latest information for maintaining your professional skills
  • a useful way to spend your gap year
  • support for launching a new career
  • the possibility to explore different disciplines
  • the joy of learning.
Students can incorporate their completed studies into a university degree if they later enrol as a degree student at a university or are currently a university student.
The courses have been planned to accommodate mature students. Studying alongside work is possible. Students can also complete distance studies online.