Quality management

Instruction at the Open University

  • Is based on the curricula of the University of Helsinki
  • Features teaching arrangements designed particularly for adult students
  • Is based on the latest research in the discipline
  • Supports deep learning and promotes a genuine understanding of the topics discussed
  • Aims to take the needs of students in different life situations into account

In addition, the Open University offers study support through the following means:

  • Customer service and academic advice
  • Information and training sessions
  • Courses on study skills
  • Websites
  • All teachers and many tutors are approved by the University of Helsinki.
  • Customer feedback is collected and used to develop operations.
  • The Open University’s teachers are offered support for planning and providing teaching.
  • The Open University’s projects and development activities aim to establish methods that support adult learning.

The Open University’s operations manual includes practices and procedures that promote quality assurance. The operations manual also supports both the staff in their work and the Open University in developing its operations.

The Open University applies a student-based approach that emphasises the active, responsible engagement of students. The teaching supports deep learning and a genuine understanding of the topics discussed. Students themselves play a key role in enhancing the quality of learning.

In addition to being research-based, the teaching aims to address the various interests of adult students, and promotes lifelong learning as well as the development of the student’s professional or personal identity.

Students can affect the quality of teaching and operations by providing feedback.

  • The best way for students to have an influence on the quality of their studies is to provide direct feedback to the teacher or tutor.
  • Feedback on teaching can be provided using the electronic course evaluation form.
  • Further comprehensive feedback on the Open University’s operations is collected from students at two- or three-year intervals.
  • Each student can provide feedback on the Open University’s operations and student services using the form available on the website or sending email to the staff.

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