Pedagogical support

The University of Helsinki’s Open University is continuously enhancing the quality of its teaching. The aim is to support students in their studies so that they come to understand the wider issues and connections between phenomena. Such deep learning requires that students actively engage with their studies.

The Open University’s teaching is based on the constructive alignment model: the content of courses and modules, the methods of teaching and studying, the methods of assessment and the atmosphere of studying are mutually aligned and support the objectives of the curriculum. Teachers receive support for designing their courses from the education specialists, the full-time lecturers and the senior lecturer in university pedagogy. Student feedback is used to develop teaching.

The teaching is based on research. Because the teachers are recognised experts in their discipline and usually also carry out research, they can address the results of recent research in their teaching.

Teaching solutions are also based on research into university-level teaching and learning. Knowledge about university-level teaching and learning increases understanding of the factors that affect students’ learning. When designing learning environments, the special challenges facing adult students are considered, for example, by offering them flexible study methods that enable distance learning.

Support for teaching (Flamma, in Finnish)