Open University in Brief 2014

The University of Helsinki has arranged Open University studies since 1977. It has 70 employees and approximately 350 university teachers and researchers as lecturers. Teaching is organised by the Open University itself and in cooperation with 35 adult education institutes all over Finland.

  • Annual registration of 18, 951 students in 92 subjects.
  • Of students, 14,428 were women, a ratio of 76,1 %.
  • 5157 were undergraduate students, a ratio of 27,2 %.
  • Subjects cover nine faculties of the University of Helsinki.
  • Instruction mostly in Finnish; some lectures in Swedish and some in English.
  • Wholly web-based studies in 25 subjects.
  • The budget is some 5,5 million euros.

The University of Helsinki in Brief
Vipunen (Opetushallinnon tilastopalvelu)