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Space is a rising international trend

Space technology affects the everyday lives of most people on Earth, since many smartphone applications rely on satellite imagery. Through digitalisation and the Internet of Things, space technology and spectrum management will continue to increase in importance.

Space weather affects satellites, power distribution and navigation signals, as well as the creation of space debris. Space weather may be associated with a range of risks whose investigation and identification are essential. 

For decades, Finns have supplied state-of-the-art technical solutions to various international projects, while competitive Finnish businesses plan to take advantage of the latest space technology. The sustainable utilisation of space is now included in Finland’s space strategy. 

The University of Helsinki is Finland’s largest operator involved in space-related activities. The purpose of the FORESAIL-1 programme is to significantly cut back on space debris in orbit by speeding up the re-entry of satellites into the atmosphere after use, where they will burn to cinders. The first satellite of the programme was sent into orbit in Spring 2022.

We wish to highlight, in addition to the most fascinating research findings, topics related to the sustainable application of science and research, as well as to promote, in the name of equality, researchers and scientists from a range of backgrounds.

Space research in a nutshell