2023-2024 Participating Teams

Below you'll find introduction to the 18 participant teams in the 2023-2024 NEXUS programme.
1. KLiin

Members: Luis Alejandro Mantilla, Kenneth Medina, Devontay Cross

Mentors: Lasse Huotari, Kim Väisänen

KLiin is working to develop a next-generation laundry service. The team currently offers pick-up and delivery laundry and dry-cleaning services through their platform, with an app on the way.


2. Nordat

Members: Oğuzhan Polat, Yasin Serdar Özkanca, Ali Rıza Babaoğlan, Miraç Göksu Öztürk, Banu Babaoğlan

Mentors: Anett Numa, Michael Vormittag

Nordat is is building an AI-powered big data management SaaS solution to help those working in marketing & sales build better B2B insights.




Members: Diógenes Díaz Osorio, David Caceres Del Castillo

Mentors: Leticia Rayas, Pablo Mosquera Martínez

HOLU is building an AI-powered web-app for qualification matched employment.


HOLU was a participant in Batch 2 of the Compass pre-incubator.

4. Kwizie.ai

Members: Christopher Petrie, Andrei Laperie

Mentors: Laura Bonomini, Andrés-Leonardo Martínez-Ortiz

Kwizie is creating an AI-copilot that transforms passive video consumption into multiplayer quizzes with a single click.

5. Ankerias

Members: Sofia Piltz, Hanna Viisanen-KuopilaRiku Tikkanen

Mentors: Sharon Fireman, Samuli Salmela

Ankerias seeks to offer a personalised chronic pain treatment using AI, modelling, and their Kipuni app to better target spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy.


The team took part in the 2023 HealthX pre-incubator.

6. Sopia

Members: Tea Jarma-Vartiainen, Jaana Sampolahti, Sami Virtanen, Perttu Kähäri, Melina Suves, Auli Lahtela, Marika Staljon Bührer

Mentors: Tuomas Oksanen, Ariel Cohen

Sopia is building a flexible, open marketplace where supply and demand for commercial premises meet 24/7.


Sopia took part in Batch 2 of the Compass pre-incubator.

7. Canine Diabetes Care

Members: Ari HeiskanenMax Ahonen, Anmol Kumar

Mentors: Gabriele Garavini, Ramón Crespí

The health and well-being of your pets is a priority for any pet owner, but there is a severe shortage of means to monitor your pets' health and especially among canines, with diabetes being one of the prevalent diseases. The problem lies in the lack of accessible, real-time solutions for monitoring and managing canine diabetes. Pet owners and veterinarians often struggle to gain comprehensive insights into a dog's health, leading to difficulties in early disease detection and tailored care.

Canine Diabetes Care aims to develop a comprehensive solution to address the issue of canine diabetes. In practice, the product offered by Canine Diabetes Care is a combination of wearable sensors and a user-friendly mobile app, which enables pet owners and veterinarians to better monitor and uphold a dog's health much more effectively than before. Personalised insight gathered by analysing sensor data will also be a point of focus in development. 


Canine Diabetes Care took part in the 2023 HealthX pre-incubator and Batch 2 of the Compass pre-incubator.

8. HemmaKoti

Members: Ville Rantanen, Tomi Kaitarinne, Teemu Parkkinen, Catarina Myllärniemi, Marika Pendolin, Kimmo Pendolin

Mentors: Neri Friedlander, Sergio Rodrigues

HemmaKoti is creating an AI-powered platform which digitises housework service providers and connects them with individuals, families, and homeowners.

9. Vacuum Wood Tech

Members: Pasi Herranen, Teppo Toivonen, Panu Miettinen

Mentors: Antti Ritala, Mauro Sacchi

Vacuum Wood Tech is developing carbon neutral, wooden construction elements as well as simple vacuum drying maintenance processes with IoT sensor elements which have extremely long lifetimes and can be used under extreme humidity, all based on their patent-pending Vacuum Insulation Solution.

10. Iprefab

Members: Alireza NakhjavaniMohammad Javad Golshenas, Sina Rahimi MotemSiamak Rahimi Motem

Mentors: Ramón Crespí, Sam Laakkonen

The Iprefab is building an online aggregator engine designed to provide users with a single source solution to compare prices, designs, delivery terms, features, and other information from multiple fast delivery, carbon friendly modular light construction manufacturers and traders with a turnkey solution.


11. KehoSense

Members: Maria Pylväs, Andrei Geregei, Evgeniya Shitova, Maria Sazhina, Vladislav Lemeshko, Ilia Osovski

Mentors: Fernando Trolia Slamic, Pablo Campos

KehoSense is developing a wearable human thermal monitoring system. They plan on utilising sensors and software to solve the problem of thermo-monitoring and occupational illnesses.



12. True Colour

Members: Alexander Skripkin, Anna Ezheleva, Vadim Veshchezerov

Mentors: Thorsten Lambertus, Sam Laakkonen

True Colour offers photon counting spectral X-ray detectors and semiconductors for security applications in aviation and other security checkpoints, as well as new types of defectoscopes and scientific devices for medical and industrial applications.


13. itFixBox

Members: Jami Nieminen, Markus Näsman, Mika Eskola

Mentors: Mia Uitto, Tomi Kankainen

itFixBox is reinventing remote IT-support with patented self-service smart-lockers for fast, easy, and secure computer and IT device repair. Devices stay in the locker when support agents repair them remotely but without the need to install remote software on target devices.

14. Kitsain

Members: Ville Karinen, Robin Karinen

Mentors: Merja Leppänen, Matti Aksela

Kitsain is developing a grocery management app to reduce food waste generated in households. The app eases the consumer's daily hassle caused by grocery shopping and food preparation. Kitsain’s aim is to reduce food-related costs and time spent and provide tech-aided solutions to support sustainable daily chores.


15. All-Seeing AI

Members: Roman Kyrychenko, Vassilis Maltezos

Mentors: Tamir Huberman, Konsta Rönkkö

All-Seeing AI is developing AI-powered media analytics by detecting complex communication phenomena and delivering real-time, tailored insights.


All-Seeing AI took part in Batch 2 of the Compass pre-incubator.

16. 18 Wheels

Members: Elena Melnikova, Eldar Aliev, Panagiotis KalogeropoulosDmitriy Stepkin

Mentors: Oriol Pascual Moya-Angeler, Michael Vormittag

18 Wheels is developing the first eco-friendly all-terrain vehicle equipped with an innovative suspension system.


18 Wheels took part in the 2nd Batch of the Compass pre-incubator.


17. Three Mushketeers

Members: Emma Kynkäänniemi, Emmi Korjus, Ida Nikkilä

Mentors: Anja Leissner, Jukka Lahtinen

Three Mushketeers is developing remush tech to process mushroom waste into multifunctional powder.

18. Rollyy

Members: Mark Popov, Sergey Kleymenov, Dave Vasquez

Mentors: Hanna Helin, Sascha Fritz

Rollyy is developing a robot management system for remote-controlled and fully autonomous robots.