2023 Participating Teams

Below, you'll find an introduction to the 22 teams participating in the 2023 edition of HealthX
1. EChrox

Members: Elizabeth Morales Cruz, Emmanuel Sahebi

Team Addressing Chronic Diseases wants to train AI models to detect chronic diseases in order to help healthcare professionals be quicker and more effective in diagnosing patients and providing them much needed aid.

2. BeeCraft

Members: Emilie Ressouche, Farhana Sayeed

Team BeeCraft hopes to help address the large number of burn-outs and depression caused by our hectic modern lifestyles by providing people with an online community through which they can learn various handicrafts, which research shows can help reduce stress. Their aim is to provide a low barrier of entry space for people to learn simple yet fulfilling techniques, share their progress, and connect with each other.

3. Exobiomics

Member: Jakke Neiro

Team Exobiomics wants to address the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance by utilising AI models to mine through an expanding library of genomic data to identify potential novel impactful antimicrobial candidates and help bring them to the preclinical stage.

4. FindYourTrial

Member: Vladimir Andrianov

Team FindYourTrial wants to help those organising clinical trials to have a simpler and easier time finding suitable groups. By creating a convenient and specialised AI-enabled service that both doctors and patients can use to find each other, the hope is to shorten development times for drugs.

5. D-Style (merge between Glucose CTRL & ONE LIFE ONE HEALTH)

Members: Max Ahonen, Anmol Kumar, Ari Heiskanen

D-style is a groundbreaking digital solution that revolutionises diabetes management. By seamlessly integrating data from multiple sensors, D-style empowers individuals with diabetes to take control of their health like never before. An AI-assistant, Diana, serves as a personalised lifestyle buddy by providing real-time guidance and support, to help users minimize both short-term and long-term health complications. Approximately, half a billion people globally live with diabetes and D-style aspires to stand with them.

6. HanSofTech

Members: Hanna Viisanen-Kuopila, Sofia Piltz

Team HanSofTech is developing software that simplifies and improves neurostimulation for pain and depression by using AI to target the therapy better thanks to personalised parameters based on the patient's current physiological and mental state.

7. HappiByte

Members: Ripudaman Singh

Team HappiByte wants to help address the current mental health crisis by developing a solution leveraging AI & VR to deliver more accessible and affordable mental health services.


Member: Xu Zong

Team LTCAI wants to use machine-learning to help predict long-term care needs of the growing elderly population. By utilising AI to analyse medical records, lifestyle habits, social determinants, and more, the model should help create personalised long-term care plans and increase quality of life for patients living in their own homes.

9. Marbles Mind

Member: Julia Ranta

Team Marbles Mind wants to create a platform for women in tech who are experiencing mental health challenges find the support they need to stay in working shape and in the industry.

10. MedPrognos

Member: Shintaro Katayama

Team MedPrognos wants to develop molecular markers for diagnosis & prognosis of a range of conditions including child asthma to help treat patients more accurately and avoid the overuse of antibiotics.

11. Metrogirls/Inspiraattori

Members: Elina Mylläri, Maria Niemi, Elena Laakso

Team Metrogirls/Inspiraattori wants to help those struggling with mental health difficulties surmount the seemingly unsurmountable hurdles preventing them from doing anything from daily tasks to getting into old or new hobbies, and slowly improving their mental conditions in the process.

12. MIND'S EYE — Scientists for mental health

Members: Anna Ptukha, Veronika Vielska

Team MIND'S EYE wants to develop a solution for diagnosing mental and developmental health conditions by tracking patients' eye movements. Based on the latest developments in neuroscience, the team hopes to create a method to detect conditions at a far earlier stage than currently possible in an affordable and non-invasive manner.

13. nawecare

Member: Pekka Korhonen

Team nawecare is creating an anonymous peer support platform for those wanting to change their lifestyles. With anonymous peer support as well as personalised AI-enhanced guidance from the app and gamified elements, the solution would help address matters like sleep scheduling, bad eating and living habits, low activity levels, and more.

14. O'BRAIN/NeuroPOD

Members: Artemii Nikitin, Annette Horstmann, William Vikatmaa

Team O'BRAIN/NeuroPOD wants to help treat obesity by taking into account the individual psychological and neurocognitive differences between individuals and provide clinicians with a software-based tool that allows them to pick a personalised treatment strategy for each patient.

15. PrecisionImaging

Member: Rafeul Hasan

Team PrecisionImaging is seeking to integrate machine learning in bioimaging to facilitate cancer research. The goal is to make diagnosis and drug testing more efficient.

16. Platform for recovering from facing narcissistic behaviour

Member: Anne Johansson

The team is building a platform to help those recovering from having been subjected to narcissistic behaviour find the resources and support needed to overcome the negative effects on their mental health born from those experiences.

17. Pointteri

Member: Anna Leopold

Team Pointteri is working on a solution utilising light-guided immune cells to identify and eliminate cancer cells in a non-invasive manner.

18. recorDr.

Members: Guleed Ahmed Haji Omar, Mohamed Adan, Abir Hossain, Hamsa Hassan, Bilal Dean Munana

Team recorDr. is working to address the time-consuming process of note-taking and paperwork for medical professionals. Their solution, which uses AI-assisted voice-to-text conversions, takes notes in real-time from doctor-patient conversations and significantly reduce the time and effort required for note-taking and improve the efficiency patient/client care.

19. VacciSense

Members: Inam Liaqat, Janina Liaqat

Team Targeted Delivery is working on a targeted delivery system for small peptides to help treat cancer more effectively.

20. TBA — Automated Work Shift Reservation System for Healthcare Professionals

Members: Esa Oksman, Samu Musta, Alexander Saarikko

Team TBA is working on an automated work shift reservation system for healthcare professionals, especially nurses and practical nurses to gain agency in their jobs. It's hoped that by giving them a bit more agency, overall work satisfaction will rise, averting a collapse of the public healthcare system, which is under threat from a wave of resignations linked to dissatisfaction.

21. Voices/AsthmaVoices

Member: Alina Popadina

Team Voices/AsthmaVoices is working on a voice analysis method for detecting worsening of asthma. By detecting a worsening situation, a patient can take their medication in time and avert an asthma attack.