Nexus — Deep Tech, AI & Sustainability
For those striving for a Deep Tech & AI-enabled sustainable future, NEXUS is the place to turn crystallised solutions into entrepreneurial journeys. Personalised guidance & support, international networks, world-class mentors and experts — all to guarantee your success.

Applications for the 2022-2023 batch are closed. More information about the next call for NEXUS will be revealed in Spring 2023.

We understand that the skills needed to create innovative and valuable solutions tackling the world's sustainability issues may not directly correlate with the skills needed to create a successful born-global start-up and bring that solution to market. We also understand the inherent uncertainty surrounding entrepreneurship. That's why NEXUS offers a convergence of solutions these issues including a comprehensive suite of personalised education and a dedicated supportive environment to maximise your chances of success.

Based in Kumpula, Helsinki Incubators' NEXUS is a business incubator for researchers, innovators, and aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of AI & Deep Tech with answers to society's sustainability-related wicked problems. A part of the vibrant Helsinki Metropolitan Area startup community, we'll work to empower and embolden selected teams by providing you with all the tools, know-how, networks, and support needed to go from solution to incorporation and beyond.

The aim of our mentors and experts is to not only help you take the world by storm with your solution by developing it into a viable product or service, but help you develop your career by learning important skills that can be utilised both in this journey and others. We'll also make sure that throughout the incubator, you'll have the opportunity to meet with plenty of potential customers, partners, and investors to make sure you get as much relevant feedback as possible and get to build strong networks for achieving your goals.

We hope that by the end of the 6 months, you'll be ready to register your company, launch your product or service, seek funding and investment, and take next steps most relevant to you and your solution, such as applying to an accelerator like Y Combinator or joining a startup hub like Maria01. NEXUS is proudly powered by the City of Helsinki.


The aim of NEXUS is to help you create a scalable and fundable start-up based on real innovation. We want your solution to have impact in its field, and we want to help you successfully enter international markets. This is where we stand out from other incubator programmes in Finland: our focus is international, and we make sure to get real market players involved from the get-go.

From day 1, you'll be exposed to real insights from mentors and experts with years, or even decades of experience working in key industries. Your idea will be analysed by them, and you'll receive meaningful feedback from them, helping you develop your solution into an MVP or PoC that is a fit for what your potential customers really need.

Your goal is to create a more sustainable future for the world with your solution. Ours is to make sure that you get every bit of help to succeed.

Programme Schedule

NEXUS will be held from September 12th, 2022 to March 30th, 2023 both in-person and in English twice a week at the University of Helsinki's Kumpula campus.

At the start of the programme, you'll get to meet with our hand-picked, world-class mentors in a TechStars inspired Mentor Madness-event aimed at matching you with the right people. Over the course of the subsequent 6 months, you'll have the opportunity to work with multiple mentors, get in depth-business training from experts, and receive peer support from your fellow teams.

A more in-depth summary of the 2022-2023 programme's schedule can be found at the link below, but you can expect lectures and workshops on go-to-market strategies, employment law, engaging with investors, and more.


Applications for the 2022-2023 batch are now closed. Further information about the next application period for NEXUS will be revealed in Spring 2023.

We welcome all teams with a developed idea & crystallised solution and a willingness to turn it into a business to join NEXUS, regardless of their affiliation with the University of Helsinki. Though it is generally not advised at this early a stage in the entrepreneurial journey, teams may have apply with a registered company. However, we will not accept teams with significant existing turnover.

Still interested in participating in NEXUS or one of our other programmes in the future? Please send us an open application at the link below and our team will be in touch in due time.

Contact Us

Andrès Peña Archila, Project Lead for NEXUS

+358 29 41 21201