NEXUS 3 Teams

Below you'll find short introductions to each of the 17 participant teams in the 3rd edition of the NEXUS programme.
1. InTeleGen

Team Members: Raz Balin, Mark Mattayev

Mentors: Sharon Fireman, Matti Aksela

InTeleGen uses local AI to personalise pharmaceutical treatments for patients with learning and cognitive disorders, analysing smartphone usage for insights on efficacy, side effects, and tolerance buildup. Their solution works by aggregating transistent behavioural cues from smartphone users and their surrounding, relying solely on the smartphone's onboard hardware.

2. WELLS Finland

Team Members: Aino Muhonen, Henna Asikainen, Aleksi Ukkonen, Viktória Balla, Veera Lampinen, Nina Katajavuori

Mentors: Johanna Fräki, Tommi Kankainen

In the hustle and bustle of corporate work, employee wellbeing is often sidelined and working hours and the mental toll of the work can be incredibly difficult - or even impossible to manage on one's own accord.

WELLS Finland provides a digital, evidence-based, feedback-oriented B2B program which builds and supports employee mental well-being and working skills within knowledge-intensive industries.

3. Naya

Team Members: Sunny Choi

Mentors: Lasse Huotari, Ramón Crespí

Naya is an interactive journal product for memory traveling: a source of proactive cognitive care through storytelling, powered by the user’s content. Naya's vision is set on becoming the leading solution in monitoring memory health that can help with potentially detecting signs of cognitive decline that may require medical attention.

4. Persey AI

Team Members: Igor Minim, Nesma Ibrahim

Mentors: Tua Trappe, Sam Laakkonen

Persey is an AI-powered assistant for scientific writing that supports writing and editing theses, publications and assignments, among other academic publications

5. Creative AI

Team Members: Niina Halonen, Erik Boeschoten, Olli Sarvi, Kirsti Lonka

Mentors: Andres Leonardo Martinez-Ortiz, Merja Kannisto

Creative AI is developing an AI-powered solution for creative facilitation, targeting organisations/teams who need facilitation to achieve more productive processes and results. Their software enhances team collaboration through visualisation and conversation analysis while enriching the exchange and generation of ideas by adding an AI powered creative facilitator to the conversation. The app is currently functional in English, Finnish and Dutch

6. GreenTrails

Team Members: Omkaranathan Ravindran, Ashish Shete

Mentors: Pablo Mosquera Martinez, Sergio Rodriguez Valcarce

GreenTrails is developing a state-of-the-art indoor cycling system that integrates VR technology to offer users a captivating alternative to traditional stationary bikes. Users will don a VR headset and be transported to lush green environments, such as scenic trails or vibrant cityscapes, creating a realistic and engaging cycling experience.


7. FuOHealth

Team Members: Ashwin Sivakumar, Aparna Ganesan

Mentors: Jani Kangas, Konsta Rönkkö

FuOHealth is on a mission to upskill the healthcare workforce in emerging technology areas through high-quality podcasts, courses, and thought leadership from industry experts. They work with health-tech companies, experts and universities deliver courses and build communities in key emerging care areas.

8. Colors and Code

Team Members: Luiza Preda, Allan Castellanos

Mentors: Tuomas Oksanen, Ramón Crespí

Colors & Code is a creative lab designed to support small businesses looking to enhance their brand image and medium-sized businesses seeking new and creative ways to develop and evolve their brand identity, messaging, products, or services.

Their goal is to foster more engaging and meaningful relationships between brands and their customers. Colors & Code envisions collaborating with businesses that share our values of humanitarianism and environmental responsibility. Currently, their first client is a startup from Mexico focused on educating people about civil protection during the era of climate change and they're looking to expand into the Finnish local market by improving their infrastructure to accommodate more innovative client projects.

9. Golden AI

Team Members: Henry Anttonen, Rhythm Rajiv Bhatia

Mentors: Pablo Campos, Soma Sarkar

GoldenAI is developing an AI-driven mobile application for senior citizens and healthcare professionals. Their comprehensive app will integrate cognitive training, health monitoring, social engagement and mental wellbeing

10. OasisMinds

Team Members: Ripudaman Singh, Najla Azaiez

Mentors: Liisa Paavilainen, Michael Vormittag

In the working landscape of today, it is more common than ever to become alienated, depressed or burned out.

OasisMinds is dedicated to revolutionising mental well-being through a platform for instant mental health support, that integrates artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and online therapy for anxiety, depression, and burnout. 

11. Orlegi

Team Members: Elixabet Peciña Ortiz, Adrienn Tomscanyi, Vilma Kankaanpää

Mentors: Leticia Rayas, Veli-Pekka Luoma

Orlegi is dedicated to creating greener cities by enabling public participation in urban planning. It connects citizens with municipalities through digital tools, empowering people to contribute ideas for sustainable urban development. Orlegi uses XR technology to facilitate a collaborative process between the public and the city planners.

12. WorkPulse AI

Team Members: Endrit Kola, Omar Musse

Mentors: Samuli Salmela, Oriol Pascual Moya-Angeler

WorkPulseAI is developing a computer vision solution that seeks to help businesses in the construction industry who are faced with challenges regarding increase of their efficiency, reduce of security and safety risks around people, vehicles, objects at the construction site. Their solution is poised to help alleviate  these challenges by monitoring movement, hazardous situations, productivity, and location.

13. Team Stealth

Team Members: TBA

Mentors: Fernando Trolia Slamic, Thorsten Lambertus

This team will be revealing more information soon.

14. CirPa

Team Members: Annukka Raukko, Tero Mäkinen, Juha Lejon

Mentors: Neri Friedlander, Gabriele Garavini

CirPa is developing a bio-based, lightweight foam materials for acoustic insulation. They're on a mission to provide low-cost, lightweight, and sustainable material with tuneable acoustic and mechanical properties. Initially, CirPa's primary focus is on creating indoor acoustic panels for customer segments such as furniture companies, hotels, offices, cinemas, public spaces, event planning companies and interior design companies.

15. Bio Bouncers

Team Members: Taha Qureshi, Yukito Kodama, Daniel King, Owais Ahmad, Nádia Vara, Suraj Magar, Adela Navratilova, Anmol Bhattarai

Mentors: Sascha Fritz, Elisabet Sjölund

BioBouncers is developing affordable, biodegradable insoles from natural materials, mimicking the properties of Polyurethane (PU) and EVA foams.

16. Lumu

Team Members: Priyanka Mishra, Asutosh Hota

Mentors: Mia Uitto, Anett Numa

Online shopping has become increasingly popular by offering convenience and a wider selection of products than physical stores. However, one significant challenge in the online apparel industry is the inability for customers to try on clothes while shopping online. Customers often face uncertainty when purchasing clothing items because they cannot see how a specific piece will look on them or other specifics of clothes, like the vibrance of colour, condition and the general feel of the clothes. This leads to a high rate of returns and dissatisfaction with online purchases.

Lumu aims to address the problem of uncertainty in online clothing shopping by developing a virtual fitting room. Their solution leverages artificial intelligence and AR technology to create platform that allows users to virtually try on clothing items before making a purchase decision. Additionally, the platform has an AI-powered wardrobe reccomendation tool and allows for sustainability vetting.

17. Sherio

Team Members: Edward Fernandez Poolan, Ahmed Elsayes

Mentors: Kim Väisänen, Anja Leissner

Sherio is developing software for shared living which helps people to find and rent a shared apartment in a fast, secure and easy way. They are also helping real estate agents and companies to increase their housing occupancy with a new customer segment.

Sherio is developing software that helps people rent shared apartments in a fast, secure, and efficient way. It helps residential real estate companies increase their housing occupancy with new customer segments. All the properties offered in Sherio are empty apartments from real estate companies; they are not rooms offered by individuals. In practice, users can form groups of 2-4 people and rent a shared apartment from real estate companies together, which decreases the cost of living for users.