Batch 2 Teams

Below, you'll find introductions to the 18 teams participating in batch 2 of Compass, which was held from 17 January, 2023, to 9 March, 2023.
1. Web3Builders

Members: Asya Kruglova, Mariia Bobrova

Web3Builders wants to assist companies and organisations in their transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. To do so, Web3Builders offers services aimed at providing the knowledge, skills, talent, and networking opportunities needed for companies to smoothly shift paradigms.

2. Adam

Members: Adam Hrin

Adam is an entrepreneur and AI expert looking to develop a solution that'll help companies to study and analyse the variety of discourses that are present in social and mass media. With this solution, he plans to help interested companies get a data-based understanding of what different interest groups are talking about, what their current interests are, and how create predictions on what potential topics of future conversations might be.


Members: Diógenes Díaz Osorio

Diogenes is an entrepreneur focused on developing a networking virtual assistant that'll help you improve your networking skills to be able to do more accurate and valuable networking. This solution, HOLU, could help international talent to conduct a smoother integration process into their new culture.

4. Free Farms

Members: Manuel Dias

Free Farms was born from the idea of creating an all-in-one solution to produce sustainable food, electricity, and water production to be implemented in refugee camps and natural disaster zones. By combining hydrogen fuel cells and atmospheric humidity and water capture technology, the company looks to provide a self-sustaining solution that will also help with the production of fresh vegetables and fruits.

5. 4D Haptics

Member: Saif Bunni

4D Haptics is a startup seeking to revolutionise the haptic industry by developing new sensors that should help improve the experience of the users by mimicking a feeling or an action while interacting in a virtual world. Specially designed for the gaming industry, 4D Haptics, aims to improve the user experience by providing a better sensory experience in gaming or augmented reality environments.

6. ReMinded

Members: Annika Lundström, Caterina Mandalios

Do you know that we can improve our mental health by rewiring the neural pathways of our brain? ReMinded, based on current research, is looking to develop a technology-based solution that will generate a personalised self-improvement programme that will help people rewrite their neural pathways. As a result, the mental health of their users should experience considerable improvement.

7. Sauna Time

Members: Niko Räty, David Kondo

Have you had the need or the desire to go to a sauna and for some reason, you haven't been able to access one? In Finland, most Saunas are private and with limited access to the public. Sauna Time is a platform that helps connect sauna owners who wish to rent it for a period with potential users.

8. Parkture

Members: Aino Veijalainen, Noora Hämäläinen

Trying to get a parking space in the center of Helsinki has become an almost impossible task. To alleviate this, Aino ja Noora is developing a platform that will allow users to have access, in real-time, to the public parking spaces that are available in the city.


Member: Aleksandr Vasiliuhka

WHERE is a platform that allows you to find recurring objects, and notice trends and changes based on aerial imagery using artificial intelligence for the sustainable development of territories or companies.

10. UATalk

Member: Dominik Rohal

UATalk focuses its efforts on trying to help internationals, especially refugees, to integrate into the local culture by providing a virtual language assistant that will guide the users in their process of learning a new language. Using volunteers, UATalk seeks to create social capital by connecting users with local people, so that they can practice and enhance their language.

11. Team Sopia

Members: Tea Jarma-Vartiainen, Auli Lahtela, Perttu Kähäri

Transforming the relationship between tenants and landlords is the mission of Team Sopia. By using an efficient algorithm, Team Sopia makes the best match and turns to rent an apartment into a fast, simple, and cost-effective process for landlords and tenants.

12. 18 Wheels

Members: Elena Melnikova, Eldar Aliyev

Being able to travel and explore the world is something humans have done since the beginning of time. 18 Wheels is revolutionising the all-terrain-vehicle market by developing a fully electric 18 wheels vehicle that allows users to navigate all terrain with minimal impact on ecosystems.

13. HeartNet

Members: Joshua Akinsanya, Keith Thomas

HeartNet is a blockchain protocol designed to tackle the growing rate of hypertension and NCDs in Africa. Aimed at supporting and strengthening the medical protocols currently used in developing countries to manage hypertension, HeartNet uses DApps to eliminate counterfeit medication, increase traceability and boost trust in the Pharma supply chain.

14. NLP

Members: Raúl Vasquez, Javier Ureña Carrión

Raúl and Javier are two researchers looking to implement NLP technology to improve the interaction between chatbots and humans. By implementing state-of-the-art AI and machine learning, NLP is looking to improve the user experience and the interactions with the different chatbots that are available in the market at the moment.

15. Lincoln Method

Members: Saleem Qureshi, Aisha Saleem

Lincoln Method is a progressive way of learning that focuses on addressing a learner’s weak areas. The learning happens by supplementing what has been taught in the classroom. For the areas where the learner is weak, the concepts are further clarified by showing them a playlist of videos that present a variety of viewpoints. As a result, the learner receives a holistic view of the concepts and has a better grasp of the overall subject. Lincoln Method’s secret sauce is its ability to identify areas of weakness for each learner. Once the weak areas are known, then correcting any misconceptions becomes relatively easy.

16. D-Style

Member: Max Ahonen

Max wants to help patients with diabetes to better understand the behaviour of blood sugar levels. Through the implementation of machine learning and AI, Max is developing a solution that will help to accurately predict the amount of sugar the patients have in their blood so that the person can administer the correct amount of insulin that is required.

17. Airaimpact

Members: Joel Holappa

Airaimpact has developed an all-inclusive sustainability impact tool that can be used even by small companies to understand their foot and handprint. The tool provides a holistic analysis and certification to the companies so that they can understand their performance in multiple areas of sustainability.

18. CommInsight

Members: Roman Kyrychenko, Vasileios Maltezos

Based on their research at the University of Helsinki, Roman and Vasileios are looking to combine propaganda, communication, and strategy analysis with conventional social media monitoring tools to detect communication patterns using cutting-edge AI technology. By conveying the analysis of text, visuals, and sound, CommInsights aims at creating actionable insights for its clients.