Our themed incubator programmes, aimed at teams who have already crystallised their idea and are ready to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey, offer tailored, personalised support to selected teams to ensure that their idea can reach its full potential and be unleashed on the world.
Quick facts
Deep Tech, AI & Sustainability Incubator

Coming in early autumn 2022, our Kumpula-based incubation programme for Deep Tech, AI & Sustainability powered by Helsinki aims to support teams who are ready to fully embark with their idea on their entrepreneurial journey with personalised guidance and support.

The programme will launch its call for applications in July. More information about the programme will be released over the summer!

Health Incubator

Coming in late spring 2023, our Meilahti-based Health Incubator programme powered by Helsinki offers resources, facilities, and networks for selected health innovators to fully dedicate themselves to developing their solution into a real-world application.

Call for applications will open in early spring 2023, and more information about the programme will be released in the new year.

Nature, Climate Change, Circular Economy & Forestry Incubator

Coming in the first months of 2023, our Viikki-based Nature, Climate Change, Circular Economy & Forestry Incubator will take select teams with defined solutions and provide them with the bespoke guidance and material support they'll need to turn those solutions into reality.

With a call for applications at the end of 2022, more information will be released about the programme in late autumn 2022.

Incubator for Impact in Society, Education, Communities & Law

Coming in December 2022, our Incubator for Impact in Society, Education, Communities & Law powered by Helsinki will invite all would-be societal change makers with a well-defined solution to come and dedicate themselves fully to their turning idea into reality with support tailored to their needs.

The call for teams will be launched in autumn, with more information released at the end of summer.

VFDF Germinator - Food Systems

The Viikki Food Design Factory's Germinator programme is an incubator for motivated food systems innovator teams who need a nourishing environment to see their ideas grow to maturity. With already one successful batch of teams having flown the nest, VFDF is looking for its next entrepreneurial seedlings.

Offering coaching from dedicated industry experts, as well as facilities to test and develop products and networking opportunities to help bring their ideas to the next level, Germinator guarantees its participating teams all of the necessary conditions for success.

Applications for the 2022-2023 batch is currently open until May 31st.