Our Pre-Incubator programmes offer short, low-barrier of entry spaces for teams and individuals who want to hone their basic entrepreneurial competences & take their first steps towards turning their ideas into action.

The goal here is to help you turn your idea into reality, be it by supporting you in starting your journey, or by exploring other ways to increase the impact of your idea.
Pathways - General Pre-Incubator

Pathways is a multidisciplinary pre-incubator open to ideas from all themes aiming to teach thinkers from a variety of backgrounds how to harness entrepreneurship to create meaningful solutions.


The call for Pathways is now closed.

Compass - Deep Tech & AI

For those developing world-altering AI- & tech-enabled solutions, Compass is an accessible early-stage environment for all who want to find a way to turn their Deep Tech, AI and Sustainability ideas into an entrepreneurial reality. 


Returning in 2025!

Circulator - Circular Economy

For those disrupting linear thinking, the Viikki-based Circulator, an ideas-to-solutions programme, gives a place to define problems and test solutions within Circular Economy. Apply for a 360˚view of the field & learn how to join the community working to tackle sustainability issues large & small. 


Returning in 2025!

SÄRÖ/FRACTURE - Society, Education, Communities & Law

For those wanting to create a better society, our City Centre-based SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator will provide all the knowledge and tools you'll need to bring forth the change you want to see. 


Returning in 2025!

VFDF Pre-Germinator - Food Systems

The Viikki Food Design Factory's Pre-Germinator programme is uniquely designed for Master's level student innovators in food systems. The programme first offers an introductory course on the basics of innovation, followed by a hands-on course where selected participants will have the opportunity to develop their ideas into reality with workshops, lab space, and expert advisors.