Microscopes and Software

PerkinElmer Opera Phenix High Content Screening System

Opera Phenix

PerkinElmer Opera Phenix includes:

  • Spinning-disk confocal
  • Imaging in confocal, widefield, digital phase contrast and brightfield modes
  • 4 lasers: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, and 640nm
  • 7 objectives
    • 4 long working distance air objectives: 5x NA 0.16, 10x NA 0.3, 20x NA 0.4, 40x NA 0.6
    • 3 water immersion objectives: 20x NA 1.0, 40x NA 1.1, 63x NA 1.15
  • 2 Andor Zyla sCMOS cameras, 2160x2160 pixels (6.5um pixel size)
  • Environmental control for live cell imaging
    • Temperature control 37-42 oC with 1 oC increments
    • CO2 control 1-10% with 0.5% increments
  • Various multi-well plates supported, and a slide holder for up to 4 slides
20x Air objective

Olympus ScanR high content screening system

The system comprises an Olympus IX81 inverted microscope with long distance objective lenses (10x, 20x, 40x) and also a 60x oil immersion lens. The microscope has a selection of filters (DAPI, Alexa 488, Alexa 555, Alexa 594 and Alexa 647).

Data management and software

Secure data server for image storage for up to 6 months (regular service) or upon agreement. >300 TB of storage for all users. Access to the Opera Phenix data can also be provided upon request via PerkinElmer Columbus software.