Cellinsight is a fluorescent HCS imaging instrument with fixes wavelength LED excitation and emission with a quad-waveband filter. High resolution, thermoelectrically cooled, digital camera with 12-bit dynamic range.

Location: Room B502b

Tech­nical de­tails in BIU wiki

Inverted confocal microscope with tunable white light laser light source, two HyD detectors, two PMT detectors, and full environmental chamber

Location: Room A123b

Tech­nical de­tails in BIU wiki

Fully motorized inverted widefield microscope for fluorescence and transmitted light imaging with full environmental chamber,  Perfect Focus System for long time series and Lumencor Spectra X light engine

The NIS-Elements software modules allow the following imaging modes:

  • 2 channel ratio imaging
  • Fast imaging
  • High Content Screening (HCS)

Location: Room B115a1

Tech­nical de­tails in BIU wiki