Microscopes which are capable of overcoming the resolution limit of confocal microscopes.
GE DeltaVision OMX SR

Structured illumination super resolution microscope for 3D-SIM, 2D-SIM, and 2D-SIM-TIRF offering twice the resolution of conventional imaging with standard fluorophores.

The system is also capable of the following imaging modes:

  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Ring-TIRF
  • Localization microscopy (STORM, PALM)

Location: Room A123b

Tech­nical de­tails: BIU wiki

Reservations: Open IRIS

Zeiss LSM 880

Inverted confocal microscope with GaAsP detector, AiryScan (Fast) detector, PicoQuant FLIM detector and full environmental chamber.

  • 2 PMT detectors (one with extra cooling for increased infrared sensitivity)
  • 1 GaAsP detector

Definite Focus hardware autofocus system

Scanning stage for multipoint or mosaic imaging

Location: Room B502b

Tech­nical de­tails: BIU wiki

Reservations: Open IRIS

Andor Dragonfly Spinning Disc

Fully motorized inverted Nikon Eclipse Ti2 microscope with full environmental chamber and Perfect Focus System for long time series.

Andor Dragonfly 505 high speed spinning disc confocal.

  • 2 cameras
  • 5 laser lines (400, 488, 561, 642, and 730nm)
  • 2 confocal pinhole options (40 and 25µm)
  • TIRF
  • SRRF Stream super-resolution

Location: Room A509a2

Tech­nical de­tails: BIU wiki

Reservations: Open IRIS