Light Sheet Microscopes

Light sheet microscopes at BIU.
LaVision Biotec Ultramicroscope II

LaVision Biotec Ultramicroscope II Light Sheet with white light laser light source and environmental chamber.

  • Fluorescence imaging of cleared sample in aqueous buffers and organic solvent
  • High Power Supercontinuum White Light Laser (Super K Extreme NKT Photonics) for excitation flexibility

Location: Room 504b

Tech­nical de­tails: BIU wiki

Reservations: Open IRIS

Leica Stellaris 8 FALCON / DLS

Inverted confocal microscope with tunable white light laser source, 5 high end HyD detectors, and full environmental chamber. Equipped with additional resonant scanner for fast imaging with relatively low phototoxicity. Motorized stage for montage images.

  • DLS Digital Light Sheet (link)
  • FALCON Fast Lifetime Contrast for Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging for FLIM experiments (link)

Location: Room B501b

Tech­nical de­tails: BIU wiki

Reservations: Open IRIS