HiPrep core is a new service unit of the FIMM Technology Centre. It offers RNA isolation or preparation services for both academic and industry customers. HiPrep core develops workflows for preparation of high-quality nucleic acids from various biological samples in close collaboration with the FIMM sequencing and single cell analytics units and the EV Core.

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Semi-automated and -high throughput RNA isolation with MaxWell RSC48

The Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument is a semi-automated nucleic acid purification platform that processes up to 48 samples simultaneously. It yields high-quality nucleic acids with minimal processing steps and less hands-on time than manual processing. For isolation chemistry, the instrument uses Maxwell® RSC prefilled cartridges, which reduce variability and contamination risk in sample processing. The HiPrep Core is first setting up workflows for RNA isolation, but is open to develop services for DNA or total nucleic acid isolation in future.

RNA was isolated with the MaxWell RSC48 system from PaxGene Blood RNA samples. RNA quality control with Agilent Bioanalyzer Nano kit showed that it yielded high-quality RNA with an average RIN value of 9,5 (N=80 samples):