The University of Helsinki EV core is a co-operational venture of the Department of Biosciences and the Faculty of Pharmacy (Viikki campus) and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) consisting of two laboratories dedicated to extracellular vesicle (EV) research. As an academic research and service facility, the EV core provides infrastructure, state-of-the-art and emerging EV-technologies for research groups, hospitals, companies and authorities in the EV-field. The EV core facility provides diverse EV isolation, purification and characterization services and can offer contacts to various downstream analyses in other core facilities based on optimized EV-protocols.

The EV-research group in Viikki focuses on understanding how EV-signals from varying cellular sources mediate and regulate cell behavior and cross-talk e.g. during development, in immunity and inflammation, and how EVs could be utilized in diagnostics and therapeutics. EV-research at FIMM focuses on liquid biopsy disease biomarkers taking advantage of the national sample collections, for example in the Helsinki Urological Biobank. Together, the EV core members have further developed the EV-know-how in a research consortia mixing academia and companies managed by the SalWe Ltd.

The expertise of the EV core encompasses:

• Sample handling and storage

• Sample material requirements (plasma, urine and cell culture media etc.)

• EV isolation with traditional and new methods

• Low-amount analysis methods: particle, protein, nucleic acid, lipid, protein, metabolomics and EM analysis (partially through collaboration with other core facilities within the University of Helsinki)

• EV-specific data analysis/normalization