FIMM Technology Centre at the University of Helsinki provides an extensive set of biomedical research services for local, national and international research groups, companies and hospitals. We are open to all and operate on 'first come-first served' basis. The Centre has more than 40 highly-skilled staff with diverse educational backgrounds and each operational unit is run by a senior scientist.

The Centre currently develops methods and offers services in:

  • Genomics (sequencing, genotyping, expression, methylation and CNV profiling)
  • High throughput biomedicine (screening of chemical compounds, approved drugs, and siRNA, as well as serum, cell and protein lysate microarrays)
  • Imaging (light and fluorescence microscopy, slide scanning and analysis, high content imaging with laser dissection)
  • Metabolomics (fluxomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics)
  • Sample preparation (both high-throughput and challenging samples e.g. EV, FFPE, single-cell approaches)
Biocenter Finland (BF) and HiLIFE

FIMM Technology Centre receives partial support towards salaries from Biocenter Finland and the University of Helsinki (HiLIFE), and undergoes continuous evaluation by these funders. The latest evaluation rounds are taking place in 2019-2020. In previous rounds, our scores have ranged from very good to outstanding.

Our Units are active members in national BF infrastructure networks and lead three of them:

  • Genomics Unit leads the BF Genome-wide methods network
  • High Throughput Biomedicine Unit and Digital and Molecular Pathology Unit lead the BF Translational Research network
  • Single Cell Analytics Unit leads the BF Single cell omics network
  • Bioinformatics Unit is a member in the BF Bioinformatics network
  • High Content Imaging and Analysis Unit is a member of the BF Biological imaging network
  • Metabolomics Unit is a member in the BF Proteomics and Metabolomics network.
International links

FIMM Technology Centre Units are active members in five research infrastructures described in the Finnish national roadmap: Biocenter Finland, EATRIS, EU-Openscreen, BBMRI, and EURO-Bioimaging. Four of these are international members of European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).

We are also active in other international research infrastructure forums including EU-LIFE and NACG.