FIMM Single Cell Analytics (SCA) unit develops and provides single cell transcriptomics services nationally and internationally. SCA is closely collaborating with the Sequencing Unit at FIMM.

Contact person:  

10x team


Biomedicum Helsinki 2, Tukholmankatu 8, Meilahti campus, Helsinki


  • Single cell gene expression
  • Single cell full-length paired V(D)J transcript profiling
  • Single cell transcriptomic analysis
  • Bioinformatic secondary analysis of the single cell expression data


  • Chromium Controller (10x Genomics)
  • LUNA-FL™ Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter (Logos Biosystems)
  • Access to FIMM High Throughput Biomedicine Unit (HTB) Labcyte Echo 525 -acoustic dispenser
  • 2100 Bioanalyzer Instruments (Agilent Genomics)
  • LightCycler ® 480 Instrument II (Roche)

User fees:

The research infrastructure is supported by University of Helsinki (HiLIFE) and Biocenter Finland. The single cell gene expression and transcriptomics prices are composed of sample library preparation and sequencing. Below a case example of Chromium Single Cell 3’ analysis for University of Helsinki customers (VAT 0%). Please contact us to get information about up to date prices.

  • Chromium Single Cell 3’ Library prep 1604 €/sample (500-10 000 cells)
  • Sequencing is done in FIMM Sequencing Unit and the current price for 1000 cells with 50 000 reads per cell is approximately 516 €