Widefield Microscopes / Spinning disc

Widefield microscopes and spinning discs at LMU.
Aurox Clarity LFC HS

Aurox Clarity is a laser free  structured illumination spinning disc confocal that can be also used as a widefield microscope. The resolution is not quite as good as obtained by point scanning confocals, but large XY and XYZ can be aquired much more quickly. The system can be used to image cells and "thin" tissue slices.

Room 2036b

GE Deltavision Ultra

Fast and handy widefield microscope that allows easy imaging and good resolution. The system has a good and easy to use software, built-in deconvolution software and image viewer. Motorized stage allows mosaic imaging as well as time lapse imaging of multiple positions.  Autofocus will help the system to maintain focus during longer experiments.  System is equipped for live imaging,

Operating system is Linux.

room 2028,2

Leica DM6000B

Leica DM6000B is an upright fluorescence wide field microscope that can also aqcuire bright field, polarisation and DIC images. It is meant for fixed samples labeled with fluorescent or histological labels. Polarisation and DIC can be used to acquire images from samples without labels.

Room 2028,2


FLoid (Thermo Fisher Scientific) is a simple machine for quickly checking samples and recording images if needed. FLoid can be used free of charge.

Room 2028,1

3I Marianas

3I Marianas (3I intelligent Imaging Innovations) is a fluorescence microscope designed for imaging live cells with multiple colours and techiques. Available imaging techniques are wide-field, TIRF and spinning disk confocal. There are nine light sources (5 LEDs and 4 lasers) and fast switching times between imaging techniques and light sources so that one can make almost any combination of videos. Additionally it is possible to do photomanipulation experiments (FRAP an photo activation) . Microscope has a motorised stage which can be utilized for multiposition imaging or image plates.

Room 2018a