Super-resolution Microscopes

Super-resolution microscopes at LMU.

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X CW 3D is an inverted confocal microscope equipped with motorized stage.  It can be used to acquire 3D images from cell or tissue samples or individual images from given focal plane without distortions from unfocused signal. You can also aqcuire cross section images.  Motorized stage can be used to acquire timelapse images from multiple locations as the system's in-built autofocus ensures that your sample stays in focus for the duration of your experiment. The microscope is equipped for live imaging. 


The system can be used to aqcuire super-resolution images using the 592 nm depletion laser using the 93x glycerol objective.  One color STED is possible with almost any green color, but two color imaging requires very specific dyes to work.

Room 2036a

ONI Nanoimager S

ONI Nanoimager is a very small microscope specialized for localization superresolution microscopy ie. PALM and dSTORM and TIRF. It is also very good for a single molecule tracking.

In PALM and dSTORM a very short laser pulses make fluorophores to blink so that in one image only a small portion of fluorophores gives signal and their localization is known very precisely, By taking hundreds of such images where different fluorophores gives signal, it is possible to solve structures in much higher resolution than in normal microscopy. The process takes time so it is suitable only for fixed samples.

In TIRF microscopy only fluorophores that are on or near a bottom plasma membrane are excited by evanescent wave. This gives a z-resolution of 100-200nm and it is fast so it can be used for live imaging.

To be continued work in progress.