ALD/ALEt reactors

In addition to our cluster tool, ALD center Finland houses 12 smaller ALD/ALEt tools for thin film deposition and ALD/ALEt process development studies.

The center has solid knowhow of hundreds of ALD processes. This combination will allow easy entry to newcomers in ALD/ALEt.

ASM Microchemistry F-120

ALD Center Finland houses in total eight ASM Microchemistry F-120 reactors. These reactors are especially well suited for ALD process development. These tools can handle a wide variety of solid and liquid precursors, as well as gases such as H2, O2, O3, H2S and NH3. The maximum sample size in these tools is 5 cm x 5 cm. Smaller samples can be accommodated using sample holders.

ASM Microchemistry F-120 with QCM and QMS

One of the eight F-120 reactors is equipped with a quartz crystal microbalance and quadrupole mass spectrometer for ALD reaction mechanims studies.

Beneq TFS 200

Our Beneq TFS 200 can handle sample sizes up to 200 mm wafers. The tool can also be fitted with a plasma head for PEALD and plasma pretreatments.

Picosun R-150

Our laboratory houses two Picosun R-150 reactors, which can fit up to 150 mm wafers. One of the tools can be fitted with an UV lamp for light enhanced ALD.