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We can organise special training on ALD and thin film characterisation. The content can be specifically tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact for further details!

M.Sc. in ALD

HelsinkiALD / ALD center Finland is now providing a well thought-out academic education program on Atomic Layer Deposition with skills highly relevant for also other thin film technologies.

The selected students will be majoring from Inorganic materials chemistry study track of Master’s Programme in Materials Research (link), but the courses are directed so that they are covering all important aspects of ALD, including precursors, thin film deposition and characterization as well as potential applications.

As a final part, Master's Thesis in the field of ALD is carried out, either in our HelsinkiALD team or companies working on ALD technology. Upon graduation a special certificate on the ALD focus will be awarded together with the Inorganic materials chemistry diploma.

List of courses for ALD master studies. Optional course selection agreed with the supervisor, with strongest recommendation to courses listed below.


50 cr


55 cr


15 cr

Introductory course to Materials Research

MATR301, 5 cr

Vacuum technology

MATR344, 5 cr

Solid state chemistry

MATR359, 5 cr

Materials characterization

MATR302, 5 cr

Thin films

MATR361, 10 cr

Elemental analysis by ion beams

MATR313, 5cr

Inorganic materials chemistry

MATR358, 5 cr

Atomic layer deposition and etching

MATR373, 5 cr

Chemicals and legislation

KEM411, 5 cr

Seminar in Materials Research

MATR364, 5 cr

Microscope techniques in materials characterization

MATR343, 5 cr

Physics of semiconductor devices

PAP340 5 cr

Master's Thesis in the field of ALD

MATR350, 30 cr

Workshop on X-ray diffraction and thermoanalytical methods

MATR362, 5 cr

Organometallic chemistry

KEM324, 5 cr

Surface physics

MATR308, 5 cr

other courses as agreed with supervisor

Surface chemistry

MATR341, 5 cr

Research project in Inorganic Materials Chemistry

MATR363, 15 cr

Please contact for more details!