The infrastructure is open access for academic researchers and industry professionals in need of the facilities for research and product development.

The access is equally open for national and international parties. Reasonable user fees will apply with the aim to cover part of the running costs and to ensure most efficient usage of the infrastructure. Fees are defined separately to each equipment and they are lower for public researchers than for companies.

We offer services in three alternative ways, depending on the service and skills of the users:

1. Measurement service: infrastructure personnel fully takes care of the measurement

2. Collaborative research: user and infrastructure personnel work together

3. Equipment usage: the user is making the measurement and infrastructure personnel provide only backup and maintenance

A prerequisite for option 3. is training organized by the center, either regularly or on demand basis. The training leads into an operator license. The training may be chargeable.

To start using ALD center Finland resources please prepare a compact free-from application where you explain your research case and expected needs from ALD center, and submit that to Your application will be evaluated by the steering group and feedback reported to you in a week.