ALD center Finland

ALD center Finland is a national centralised open access platform for research and education in atomic layer level materials processing techniques of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Atomic Layer Etching (ALEt).

The center serves also as a valuable resource to other fields of research that require state-of-the-art techniques for thin film characterisation and resolving surface chemistry. Therefore, ALD center Finland welcomes researchers also widely beyond the ALD/ALEt community.

Finland has been a forerunner through the history of ALD. Several research groups across Finland work on ALD with their own equipment. While this has been a greatly successful approach, staying at the forefront in the ALD research requires a major leap in infrastructure to a level no university alone can afford. The aim of ALD center Finland is to combine efforts and bring together ALD researchers and resources to ensure that Finland will maintain its leading position in the ALD research also in the future, and at the same time will develop a similar position in a closely related method of atomic layer etching.