Training at FIMM

FIMM promotes life-time learning and is dedicated to developing, enriching, and promoting the study and career paths of its researchers. Together, our research groups, Technology Centre, and Biobank host approximately 80 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and 25 senior researchers. In addition, we mentor undergraduate students completing their final theses or as summer interns.
Training opportunities at FIMM

FIMM offers an internationally recognized biomedical research environment in Helsinki and unique research training opportunities for PhD candidates and postdocs.


Call for Doctoral Researchers in Molecular Medicine and Life Sciences

We currently have 2-4 openings for doctoral researchers as part of the FIMM-EMBL international PhD programme starting in August 2024. In this interdisciplinary programme, outstanding doctoral researchers are recruited to the institute-level rotation programme, where they work with 2-3 different research groups during a 6-9 month period before matching to a research group in which they remain for their doctoral studies. The program provides an exciting opportunity to explore and combine different research areas and working environments as well as to learn a variety of science and technologies, making connections within and beyond the institute.

Doctoral and undergraduate training

FIMMPOD is a professional career development program for postdoctoral and senior researchers at FIMM. The goals of the program are to provide opportunities for training and skill development, networking and socializing. We strive to foster a positive mindset to reach a satisfied community.

Single Cell Course week 2023

Single cell course week will be held again in October 2023.

In this course week you will learn how to prepare single cell RNAseq libraries with 10XGenomics Chromium, how to analyze the data (R/command line tools or Chipster/Seurat), and enjoy the state of the art talks in the symposium.