FIMM – Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland is a translational research institute focusing on human genomics and precision medicine as part of the Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE at the University of Helsinki.
Building a bridge from translation to medicine.

FIMM has a driving mission to perform innovative research on patients and populations targeted towards understanding drivers of health and disease. We aim at delivering improvements to the safety, efficacy, and efficiency of healthcare in Finland and beyond. 

FIMM Brochure 2022

This new brochure describes some of our main scientific projects and achievements during the past few years and covers our key statistics. It also provides detailed information about our research programmes, infrastructure platforms, research training and other important aspects of FIMM.


As a translational institute, FIMM drives human-based research that has a profile of excellence at the highest level globally in terms of traditional metrics of publication, as well as leadership of international research efforts. We aim for our research to deliver, in a local context, direct health impact by bringing the results of research efforts to the Finnish population. Within the field of molecular medicine, FIMM focuses on ‘Grand Challenges’ that pursue our overall mission.

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