Undergraduate training at FIMM

Future scientists need innovative education to be prepared for new insights in translational molecular medicine, including bioinformatics, cutting-edge omics technologies, genetics and precision medicine. FIMM staff is actively involved in undergraduate education and teaching by acting in the curriculum planning, and as course organizers or lecturers.

Education strategy in action

FIMM has representatives on the Steering Groups of the Master’s programme in Life Science Informatics and Master’s programme in Translational Medicine (Faculty of Medicine). FIMM has established, together with the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences,  the Master’s degree programme study track Analytical and molecular health biosciences (M.Sc program in Genetics and Molecular Biosciences), and provides training and teaching there, as well as for students at the Master’s programme in Translational Medicine and Medicine.

FIMM is also an active partner in the HiLIFE-EDU: FIMM has two representatives in the HiLIFE-EDU board, which coordinates HiLIFE training activities, such as HILIFE TRAINEE PROGRAMS, Grants, AALTO-HELSINKI IGEM TEAM and sponsors student activities including TEDxHelsinkiUniversity and The Science Basement.


We are constantly piloting new types of courses. During the past few years, we have been co-responsible for courses such as “Big Data ja Tekoäly kliinisessä lääketieteessä” for medical and other interested students, "Personalized Medicine" for the TransMed students and "Principles of Bioscience Omics" and "Integrative Health Biosciences" for students from the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences.

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