Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science publishes its strategy for 2019-2030

The Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science starts its third year by publishing a new strategy for the years 2019-2030. Since the founding of the institute in 2018, HELSUS has consolidated its position at the University of Helsinki as a common platform for critical discussion and mutual learning among sustainability researchers.

At the start of this new decade, the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) continues its work towards sustainable transformations of societies with a newly published strategy for the years 2019-2030. In the upcoming years, HELSUS will continue to be the interdisciplinary sustainability science community it is, aiming to become an internationally recognized center, which enables and empowers societies to transform towards sustainability.

The identity of HELSUS is about being an inclusive platform for sustainability researchers as well as being a leading change-maker towards sustainability transformations and accelerator for inclusive collaborations within the University of Helsinki and beyond.

Most of all HELSUS continues to be an enabling institute for researchers, functioning as a knowledge broker within the University of Helsinki. Thanks to its core resources from the university, HELSUS has become an established operational unit across seven faculties, catalyzing new openings to support topical sustainability research. The strategy envisions HELSUS to become the national leader and one of the European leaders in sustainability science as well as an esteemed partner in its field internationally.

In doing high quality interdisciplinary research, HELSUS conducts sustainability research as a new way to co-produce transformative knowledge for solution pathways and develops theoretical and methodological toolkits in sustainability science.

As a societal actor, HELSUS provides synthesized knowledge and mobilizes the research community into active dialogue with the rest of society using multiple forms of communication, and advocates the significance of science-based knowledge decision making.  

In the coming years HELSUS will also continue to develop and support the sustainability education at the University of Helsinki. There is a shared goal within the university to promote a basic understanding of sustainability in all fields and HELSUS supports this by engaging the academic teaching community in integrating sustainability within all courses and contributing to educating experts in sustainability science.

 Read the full strategy here.