Department of Pathology

Pathology is the study of disease. The discipline provides basic instruction in pathology to medical and dental students. Teaching in pathology begins at the end of the second year of studies and continues into the fourth year. Pathology is the largest of all clinical-theoretical disciplines, as well as a specialist field.

As a research field, pathology focuses on investigating the causes and mechanisms of diseases as well as developing new diagnostic methods based on morphology and molecular biology. At Haartmaninkatu 3, the Department of Pathology actively conducts research in cancer pathology and neuropathology.

The Haartmaninkatu 3 property also houses the pathology laboratory of HUSLAB, one of the largest diagnostic pathology laboratories in Europe. Collaboration with the laboratory provides an optimal setting for translational research where the goal is to convert basic research in pathology into novel diagnostic methods.

The primary research themes of the Department of Pathology include

  • New tumour markers and their utilisation in cancer diagnostics
  • Carcinogenesis and mechanisms of cancer spread
  • Movement of normal malignant cells
  • Tumours and angiogenesis
  • Brain diseases (neurodegenerative)
  • Muscle diseases and healing of muscle injuries
  • Chromosomal change and mutations in cancer
  • Signalling in normal and malignant cells



Contact details

Head of de­part­ment

professor Olli Carpen

PO Box 21 (Haartmaninkatu 3)

00014 University of Helsinki


PO Box 21 (Haartmaninkatu 3)

00014 University of Helsinki