Stem Cells and Metabolism Research Program (STEMM)

Stem Cells and Metabolism Research Program (STEMM) brings together eleven research groups and four associated clinical researchers interested in cellular metabolism as a driving force in tissue homeostasis, cellular differentiation and degenerative diseases.

Many of the groups take advantage of the possibilities of stem cell and genome editing technologies to understand molecular disease mechanisms in order to develop innovative treatments. Close ties to pediatric and neurology clinics enable efficient use of our research findings for diagnosis, patient care and counselling.

STEMM Research Program's website

Program director

Timo Otonkoski
Pluripotency and Disease Modeling
Biomedicum Helsinki 1, room C507b
PO Box 63, 00014 University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 504486392 or +358 503708976

  • Diego Balboa
  • Pirjo Isohanni 
  • Risto Lapatto 
  • Kirmo Wartiovaara 
  • Emil Ylikallio 
Key Pub­lic­a­tions from STEMM