Research Programs Unit
Research Programs Unit (RPU) of the Faculty of Medicine consolidates demonstrated research excellence, with focused research programs addressing the greatest challenges in human health.

International Scientific Advisory Board selects the research programs of RPU through a competitive application procedure every six years. Research programs provide the critical mass to combine biomedical, translational and clinical research with dynamic use of space, equipment and resources. Thus, they form a synergistic platform for top-class scientific and translational discoveries. Nine research programs, selected for the years 2019-2025, comprise of 90 research groups in total. RPU is located in Meilahti campus in Helsinki.

Research Programs 2019-2025

Dir­ector of Research Pro­grams Unit
Henna Tyynismaa
tel. +358 2941 25654 (office)

Vice Director
Päivi Ojala 

Vice Director
Outi Monni

Merja Tynjälä
tel. +358 2941 25321

Markus Jäntti
tel. +358 2941 25819

Päivi Sinisalo
tel. +358 2941 26411

Anna Suutarla

Maaria Puupponen
tel. +358 50 448 9981

Applied Tumor Genomics (ATG)
Marja Masanti
tel. +358 50 594 8418

Clinical and Molecular Metabolism (CAMM)
Maaria Puupponen
tel. +358 50 448 9981

Human Microbiome Research (HUMI)
Tinja Kanerva
tel. +358 50 314 8745

Individualized Drug Therapy (INDIVIDRUG)
Marja Masanti
tel. +358 50 594 8418

Translational Immunology Program (TRIMM)
Jenni Hämäläinen
tel +358 50 452 4919

Sleep and stress in health and in transition from acute to chronic diseases (SLEEPWELL)
Tiina Härkönen
tel +358 50 311 6173

Systems Oncology (ONCOSYS)
Karen Ahlnäs
tel +358 50 472 8052 

Translational Cancer Medicine Program (CAN-PRO)
Saija Piiroinen
tel +358 50 476 3490

Stem Cells and Metabolism Research Program (STEMM)
Kaisa Sarkkinen