Research Programs Unit
Research Programs Unit (RPU) of the Faculty of Medicine consolidates demonstrated research excellence, with focused research programs addressing the greatest challenges in human health.

International Scientific Advisory Board selects the research programs of RPU through a competitive application procedure every six years. Research programs provide the critical mass to combine biomedical, translational and clinical research with dynamic use of space, equipment and resources. Thus, they form a synergistic platform for top-class scientific and translational discoveries. Nine research programs, selected for the years 2019-2025, comprise of 90 research groups in total. RPU is located in Meilahti campus in Helsinki.

Research Programs 2019-2025

Dir­ector of Research Pro­grams Unit
Henna Tyynismaa
tel. +358 2941 25654 (office)

Vice Director
Päivi Ojala 

Vice Director
Outi Monni

Merja Tynjälä
tel. +358 2941 25321

Suvi Rokolampi
tel. +358 2941 26656

HR Specialist Tuomas Leikkonen

Maaria Puupponen
tel. +358 50 448 9981

Applied Tumor Genomics (ATG)
Petri Mäkelä
tel. +358 50 441 8437

Clinical and Molecular Metabolism (CAMM)
Maaria Puupponen
tel. +358 50 448 9981

Human Microbiome Research (HUMI)
Tuomas Heini
tel. +358 50 448 9371

Individualized Drug Therapy (INDIVIDRUG)
Petri Mäkelä
tel. +358 50 441 8437

Translational Immunology Program (TRIMM)
Francesca De Lorenzo
tel +358 50 452 4919

Sleep and stress in health and in transition from acute to chronic diseases (SLEEPWELL)
Tiina Härkönen
tel +358 50 311 6173

Systems Oncology (ONCOSYS)
Karen Ahlnäs
tel +358 50 472 8052 

Translational Cancer Medicine Program (CAN-PRO)
Saija Piiroinen
tel +358 50 476 3490

Stem Cells and Metabolism Research Program (STEMM)
Kaisa Sarkkinen



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9:30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Poster set-up

10:00 Opening of Science Day

10:15 Scientific Session I: CAMM - Chair: Timo Otonkoski

Markus Perola: FinRegistry and Finngen: nation-wide studies for common disease prediction and aetiology

Kirsi Pietiläinen: Adipose tissue mitochondrial metabolism in obesity and weight loss

Sanna Lehtonen: Towards a better understanding of and new treatments for diabetic kidney disease

11:15 Poster teaser talks I

Alexandra Lahtinen: Exploring tumor evolution in high-grade serous ovarian cancer prior to treatment
Joona Sarkkinen: Ectopic germinal centers in the thymus accurately predict prognosis of myasthenia gravis after thymectomy
Kristiina Kanerva & Xin Zhou: Inducible removal and reconstitution of membrane compartments in living cells
Marie-Noëlle Paludetto: Hydroxychloroquine is metabolized by CYP2D6, CYP3A4 and CYP2C8, and inhibits CYP2D6 in vitro
Norman Carcaño: Pharmacological tankyrase inhibition improves mitochondrial oxidative capacity in the kidney proximal tubules and protects against fibrosis in diabetic kidney disease
Prima Sanjaya: Mutation-Attention (MuAt): deep representation learning of somatic mutations for tumour typing and subtyping
Risto Halonen: Slow oscillation-spindle coupling in overnight memory and the role of BDNF Val66Met
Joseph Ndika: Epigenetic differences in long non-coding RNA expression in Finnish and Russian Karelia teenagers with contrasting risk of allergy and asthma
Pauliina Kallio: PROX1 expression protects intestinal adenomas and colorectal cancer cells from radiation-induced DNA damage

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Scientific Session II: STEMM - Chair: Kirsi Pietiläinen

Timo Otonkoski: Generation of fully functional human pancreatic islets from stem cells: Implications for diabetes therapy

Thomas McWilliams: Targeting autophagy in health and disease

Juha Kere: Reprogramming to study human embryonic genome activation

14:00 Poster teaser talks II

Dipabarna Bhattacharya: Synergistic Role of Leukemic and Non-Leukemic Immune Repertoires in CD8 T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukemia as Identified by Single-Cell Transcriptomics
Jun Dai & Shuyu Zheng: ReSisTrace: Tracing Back Primed Resistance in Cancer
Rita Turpin: Contextual Assessment of Treatment Effect on Tumor Immune Microenvironment using Patient-Derived Explant Cultures (PDECs)
Juan Cruz Landoni: Overactive mitochondrial DNA replisome causes neonatal heart failure via ferroptosis
Noora Pöllänen: NAD+ depletion: a novel disease mechanism and therapy target for cancer cachexia
Joonas Naamanka: Genome-wide Analysis Identifies SORCS3 as a Novel Susceptibility Locus for Panic Disorder in the FinnGen Study
Honey Bokharaie: A hyperbright tag for the real-time in-vivo tracing of low-abundance secreted proteins
Outi Lyytinen: Phage therapy initiative in Helsinki
Norman Zielke: Upregulation of ribosome biogenesis via canonical E-boxes is required for Myc-driven proliferation

14:45 Afternoon Coffee

15:15 Scientific Session III - Chair: Henna Tyynismaa

Katri Korpela: Microbial ecosystems biology in the human gut

Anni Virtanen: Predicting the natural history of uterine cervical precancerous lesions

Micaela Hernberg: Developing drug therapy for advanced melanoma

16:15 Poster teaser talks III

Siiri Reinikka: Genomic landscape of endometrial polyps
Rebecka Ventin-Holmberg: The Effect of Antibiotics on the Infant Gut Fungal Microbiota
Anssi Mykkänen: Genome-wide association study of simvastatin pharmacokinetics
Jukka Vanhanen (Hanna Harno): S2-targeted rTMS influences sleep, as measured by the OURA-ring, in CRPS patients
Tomáš Zárybnický: RNA shuttling regulation in physiology and disease - lessons from in vivo studies
Elina Pietilä: Precision immuno-oncology in ovarian cancer
Roosa Jokela: Identification of novel interactions between infant gut microbiota composition and environmental exposures and health outcomes
Sini Heinonen: Roux-en-Y (RYGB) versus One-anastomosis (OAGB/SAGB) gastric bypass (RYSA study): weight loss and metabolic improvements at 1 year after surgery - A randomized study
Toni Lemmetyinen: Fetal/regenerative reprogramming of intestinal epithelium by fibroblast derived Neuregulin-1

17:00 Poster Session

18:30 Dinner & Best Poster Awards & RPU Summer Party