Clinical and Molecular Metabolism (CAMM)

Clinical and Molecular Metabolism Research Program aims to understand the pathophysiology and renew the management of diabetes and other cardiometabolic diseases.

We focus on studying the key physiological functions and cross-talk between multiple peripheral organs during the development of metabolic diseases. We also aim to effectively test several prevention and treatment strategies that have a potential to reverse the pathophysiological disease development and thereby, renew and personalize management of these intractable, costly and very common disorders. The ten Principal Investigators of our program amalgamate both the medical expertise of different diseases, tissue-specific and integrative metabolism, as well as different research methodologies from bench to bedside.

Program director

Kirsi Pietiläinen

Biomedicum 1 PO Box 63

00014 University of Helsinki

tel. +358 50 599 2295

  • Marit Granér 
  • Anne Juuti 
  • Juhani Kahri 
  • Nina Lundbom 
  • Kristiina Luopajärvi 
  • Niina Matikainen 
  • Jussi Naukkarinen 
  • Camilla Schalin-Jäntti 
  • Jukka Tienari 
  • Sanna Toiviainen-Salo 
  • Helena Valta
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