Mitochondrial homeostasis in development, disease & repair

Welcome to the McWilliams Lab @ University of Helsinki

We are driven to understand the signals regulating tissue-specific autophagy signalling in mammalian health and disease. Understanding the physiological regulation and significance of selective autophagy may lead to a variety of new therapeutic strategies for several human diseases.

Our approach exploits molecular mechanistic discovery in cell-based models, in concert with rigorously deciphering the physiological significance of our observations in transgenic and pre-clinical models. This multidisciplinary style avails of cutting edge strategies in molecular cell biology with sophisticated transgenic strategies, gene editing and advanced methods in biomedical imaging. We benefit significantly from local core facilities, particularly in single-cell genomics, genome editing, organoid approaches, the state-of-the-art in vivo imaging and electron microscopy. Embedded within one of Europe's leading medical campuses, we also enjoy close collaborative links with exceptional clinical researchers. Our ultimate quest is to make a meaningful impact at the mechanistic interface of discovery and translation.

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