Translational Immunology Program (TRIMM)
Immunology is presently one of the most rapidly developing fields of medical science.

Increasing understanding of the regulation of immune responses has led to the launch of several new therapeutic agents for clinical use especially in cancer. However, not all cancer patients are responding to current immunological treatments and no cure or prevention is available for autoimmune diseases. The ambitious goal of Translational Immunology Research Program (TRIMM) is to explore the development and regulation of T cells and immune tolerance and understand the aberrant immune responses in auto- and alloimmune diseases and cancer. Our ultimate goal is to translate the discoveries into prevention, novel disease classifications, diagnostic tools and personalized treatment. The program joins together 9 active research groups in different career phases and is complemented with 11 clinical research teams led by the clinical researchers.

Program director

Satu Mustjoki
Hematology Research Unit
Biomedicum Helsinki 1
Haartmaninkatu 8
P.O. Box 63
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 471 71898

  • Micaela Hernberg 
  • Hanna Jarva 
  • Kaija-Leena Kolho 
  • Karl Lemström 
  • Kimmo Porkka 
  • Annamari Ranki 
  • Tuula Salo 
  • Mikko Seppänen 
  • Taina Sipponen 
Key pub­lic­a­tions from TRIMM