Humanities and Social Sciences Education

The Humanities and Social Sciences Education (HuSoEd) research community focuses on the teaching and learning of subjects related to the humanities and social sciences in early childhood education, general education and adult education.

In this context, these subjects include Finnish language and literature, foreign languages, Finnish as a second language, history, social studies, religion, ethics, philosophy and geography. Members of the research community investigate teaching, learning and assessment in these subjects, as well as develop their didactics. The community also studies societal, historical and cultural factors that affect the status of subjects, and collaborates with the academic disciplines underlying these subjects. Members of the research community are divided into five research groups focused on the study of the subject didactics of various subjects. The groups are united by multidisciplinary research and development projects in the research community.

Contact persons: Sirpa Tani and Jukka Rantala