Diversity, multilingualism and social justice in education

In the Diversity, Multilingualism and Social Justice in Education (DIMISO) research community, we conduct research on the topics indicated by our name and questions related to minorities in the context of education and teacher training. Our group’s research focus areas include racialisation, ethnicity, gender, social class, special needs and sustainability. With a strong Nordic approach, our research spans early childhood education, youth and adult education.

We utilise a range of research methods, including discourse analysis, ethnography, quantitative analysis, conversation analysis, the philosophy of education, video research and visual research methods. Our research community is closely connected to the Nordic Centre of Excellence ‘Quality in Nordic Teaching’ (QUINT) and more extensive Nordic and national projects focused on, among other topics, Nordic comprehensive schools, racialisation, children’s socio-emotional development as well as schools, school choice and segregation.

The community’s primary working language is Swedish, as DIMISO strives to promote opportunities to conduct pedagogical research in Swedish. The community organises regular seminars where participants are welcome to use the language they are the most comfortable with.

The research community provides a solid scholarly foundation for Swedish-language general education, adult education and Swedish-language teacher training: class teacher training, early childhood teacher training, special needs teacher training and subject teacher training as well as university pedagogy.

Contact person: Fritjof Sahlström