Education, Teaching and Teacher Education

The Education, Teaching and Teacher Training research community brings together researchers interested in questions related to education, teaching and teacher training. Key features of the research conducted in the community include a range of methodological, paradigmatic, scholarly and artistic approaches.

There are many perspectives: the establishment of education; school pedagogy; questions related to the planning, implementation and assessment of teaching; curriculum research; the teaching–studying–learning process; the ethics of teaching; questions of diversity; and the continuum of teachers’ professional development in basic training, orientation and continuing education. The community also conducts research on early childhood education, pre-primary and primary education, research on artistic and practical subjects, and arts and culture as well as new learning environments and educational technology.

Methodological approaches encompass practical and craft- and art-based methods, as well as a range of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Contact person: Lauri Väkevä