The Faculty of Educational Sciences conducts multidisciplinary and wide-ranging pedagogical research.

Our research encompasses the different stages of the human life cycle, from early childhood to school age, adulthood, professional life and ageing. Our research is targeted systematically at different levels of society and the education system, as well as more broadly at professional life and culture. Our research focuses on growth, development, learning and teaching in diverse environments, contexts and subjects, as well as on educational policies and practices, and the structures of the education system. We investigate the significance of education in the lives of individuals, society and social justice, and we analyse how our understanding of humanity, knowledge and educational cultures can change. The perspectives of our research are individual, collective and societal. Our strengths include a broad-based theoretical approach, as well as methodological diversity and innovation.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences hosts nine extensive research communities that focus on the themes of education and society, diversity and justice, learning and culture, teaching and teacher training, special education, educational assessment, learning and teaching in subjects related to the humanities and social sciences, as well as the maker culture, design and technology.

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