Teaching and studying

Our graduates have a strong sense of responsibility and are well equipped for a wide range of careers in Finland and abroad. 

Climate change, food quality and globally sufficient food supply, forest biodiversity and use, energy sufficiency, Baltic Sea conservation and other major future issues require multidisciplinary approaches. By studying at our Faculty, you also learn how to combine economic and environmental perspectives.

Experts of biosciences and business life

Graduates of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry are diverse experts in biosciences and business activity, serving the needs of the private and public sectors. We train experts of the future for mitigating and managing environmental change, as well as for creating food- and energy-related solutions. Graduates of the Faculty find employment easily, since the education we provide equips them with the skills to apply knowledge in practice and address topical questions. The education we provide also lays down an excellent groundwork for building an international career.