The research conducted at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is aimed at producing not only research-based knowledge, but also concrete solutions for tackling challenges associated with agriculture, the food industry and forestry. In particular, these include climate change and adaptation to it, biodiversity loss, other environmental issues, food security and supply, energy production and conservation, as well as changes in forestry and land use.

We are a multidisciplinary community of experts specialising in the responsible use, processing and consumption of natural resources. Our areas of strength in research include productive and adaptable forest and food systems, nature-based and climate-friendly solutions, wellbeing and health as well as a fair sustainability transformation. Our disciplines include food and nutritional sciences, agricultural and forest sciences, economics and microbiology.

The Faculty is located on the active and developing Viikki Campus, which also hosts the Viikki Research Farm, greenhouses and the Viikki Arboretum. The Ruralia Institute (website in Finnish only) operates in Seinäjoki and Mikkeli. Operating under the Faculty, the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station in Juupajoki specifically serves research and teaching related to forest and atmospheric sciences.