Being a member of the Viikki community

Viikki Campus hosts more than 2,000 students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, who together make up a culture specific to Viikki. Being a member of the Viikki community is a concept that is also familiar in business life, where alumni often talk about their student days as part of the community. Indeed, participation in activities together with other Viikki community members is recommend

The best aspect of Viikki Campus, with its study facilities, shops and apartments, is the community engendered by it. Viikki is also excellent as a location, as it offers a green and beautiful setting which inspires research and teaching.


In addition to degree studies, Viikki is home to active operators who offer a range of ways to, for example, develop skills in project management and collaboration. Networking takes place alongside working and learning together. Among other things, we have ViikkiAreena, an employment-oriented event run by students, where many have even found summer jobs.

Student culture

Networking and learning also take place in connection with the activities of discipline-specific student associations, the heart of student culture. Discipline-specific associations and other organisations relating to student culture, including the musical theatre association Viikki Speksi, Viikki Brewing Society and Sisu International Sports United, provide students interested in culture, brewing or sports with a spectrum of hobby opportunities. Moreover, student culture should not be overlooked as a creator of community spirit in Viikki. Student culture also features in the background of many companies that originate in Viikki.

Living in Viikki

Taking part in Viikki activities is effortless for those living in the area. After lectures, no time is spent on travel, and nature is close by for leisure time activities. What is it like to live in Viikki? Explore students’ stories here.