Working Group Schedule

Schedules are subject to change. This page will be updated during the conference. Updated working group schedules will be printed and handed out at the conference daily!

Working Group Session 1: August 16, 2018 from 11:00 – 12:30*

Sub-Session 1.1 - Moving beyond extractivisms: dialogue on activist experiences and strategies
Room Sali 6 (3006)

Presenter(s)** Abstract Title


- Session Description 304
Outi Hakkarainen Towards post-extractivism? Struggles against mining in Nicaragua 85
Riikka Karppinen Resisting mining projects in Lapland, Finland 117

Tuula Pulkki

Oil struggles in Emohua and Port Harcourtin in River's States

Marko Ulvila Engaging with the plutocene 268
Ruby van der Wekken Minerals as commons 280

Sub-Session 2.1 - Planting – and Resisting cheap Natures
Room Sali 7 (3007)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Moses Adesola Adebisi The Political Economy of Extractivism and Activism: Oil Exploitation and Environmental Crises in The Niger Delta of Nigeria. 11
Alejandra Huaman Land struggles: communal land in the presence of ethanol agribusiness in Peru 91
Thomas Lubeck Imagining Futurity Through Plot and Plantation in Nalo Hopkinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring 161
Alejandro Mora-Motta Tree Plantations as (Neo)Extractivism in Chile 176
Matti Salo and Teivo Teivainen Multiple Meanings of Property as Territory: Forests, Patents and Bodies 224
Sven Van Melkebeke The global Robusta frontier. Coffee production and the competition for rural labor and land in Africa and Asia (1870-1960) 281

Sub-Session 3.1 - Ontological Politics: Hegemonies & Counter-Hegemonies
Room Sali 8 (3008)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Eduardo Acosta The power of the word Sumak kawsay (good living – buen vivir) in the indigenous movements of Colombia – Ecuador, comparative perspective in Andean region, Mining mega-development, challenges in the promotion of life 1
Camila Nobrega Rabello Alves Discourse analysis on social-environmental conflicts in Brazil 27
Sergio Bedoya Cortés Objectification of nature in Hans Jonas and his relationship with Marxism 28
Violeta Gutiérrez Zamora From land conflicts to environmental collaboration and peacebuilding? Opportunities and pitfalls for forest communities in Oaxaca, Mexico 81
I-Yi Hsieh On Possession: Robinson Crusoe and the Irrationality of Economic Man 86
Wendy Lynne Lee The “World” of Difference Between Old-Fashioned Fascism and Outright Theft: The Ecological Nihilism of the Kleptocene 154

Sub-Session 4.1 - The Climate Collective
Room Sali 10 (3010)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Chris Vrettos and Nadja Argyropoulou Roundtable Discussion: Climate Collective 291

Sub-Session 5.1 - Energetics of late capitalism
Room Sali 14 (4048)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Simon Pirani Fossil fuel consumption since 1950: the other side of the extractivist coin 205
Pedro Nardelli, Aleksandr Zavodovski and Maurizio Sajeva To discuss as a mini-panel: Energy Internet - Decommodification or ultra-liberalization? 193
Tove Selin Empty Economy – the case of Mekong 249

Working Group Session 2: August 16, 2018 from 15:45 – 16:45

Sub-Session 1.2 - Forests for the Trees: In/Justice in the Woods
Room Sali 6 (3006)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Enrique Aliste What kind of socio-environmental conflictivity by Chilean forestry industry? 18
Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes When worlds collide – the political ontology of CSR in contested territories 49
Ossi I. Ollinaho Agroforestry: a conceptual scrutiny 201
Germán A. Quimbayo Ruiz Peri-Urban Farmers and Urban Expansion: Community Adaptation Strategies in Bogotá 211

Sub-Session 2.2 - Land Grabs: Ecological Imperialism in the 21st Century
Room Sali 6 (3007)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Raul Diaz Guevara The Effects of Globalisation of Land Markets on the Institutions of Indigenous Culture(s) in the great Nile Valley Region 78
Valentine Ndi Land grabbing, conflicts and the struggle to sustain rural livelihoods in Cameroon 195
Gutu Wayessa Livelihood Impacts of land leases in Oromia, Ethiopia: Changes in access to land for local people 292

Sub-Session 3.2 - Finance Capital as Ecological Regime?
Room Sali 8 (3008)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Mark Hudson Finance and Fossil-Fuel Capital: Connections, Conflicts, and the Landscape of Risk in Canada 92
Kirk S. Lawrence Boutique (Oyster) Production: Ecologically Sustainable Capitalism? 150
Larry Lohmann Ecosystem Service Trading 158
Liina-Maija Quist and Anja Nygren Debating the unknowns of marine oil exploration in Mexico and beyond 216

Sub-Session 4.2 - Politics of Anti-Extractivism
Room Sali 10 (3010)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Sanna Komi (Neo-)extractivism Meets Resource Nationalism in Bolivian Lithium Production 121
Olli Tammilehto Constructing a Polity Compatible with Non-Extractivism 264
Soledad Valdivia Rivera Indigenous movements at crossroads: the construction of a highway through the In 279

Sub-Session 5.2 - Energetics of late capitalism (continued)
Room Sali 14 (4048)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Inna Sukhenko From «Atom For Peace» To «Nuclear Phobia»: Reframing «Nuclear Energy» Within Nuclear Narrative Studies In A North-American Perspective 259
Tere Vadén and Jussi T. Eronen From decoupling to ecological reconstruction. An evaluation based on the need for absolute decrease in material use 274
Santiago Acosta The Aesthetics of Geopower: Kinetic Art and the Capture of Venezuelan Modernity 2

Working Group Session 3: August 17, 2018 from 10:40 – 12:30

Sub-Session 1.3 - Climate Crisis & Planetary Justice
Room Sali 6 (3006)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Phillip Campanile Introductory Statement: The Wholly Enlightened Earth and its Triumphant Calamities: Resilience, Earth System Governance, and the Old Age of a New Era 36
Mauro Conti Organic GMOs for biodiversity appropriation - The narrative of Climate Change and Agroecology and the NBTs role for a new capitalistic cycles of material expansion 40
Mohammad Mozumder Small-Scale Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) Fishery of Bangladesh: Status, challenges, and potentials 183
Katarina Stenbeck Art and knowledges of care and grief 255
Tero Toivanen and Paavo Järvensivu

‘It is not the world that we are saving here!’ – Climate change, Finnish bioeconomy and the world politics of carbon sinks


Sub-Session 2.3 -Flows, Capital, Power & Nature
Room Sali 7 (3007)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Abraham Addo-Bediako Heavy metal pollution in the water and sediment of the Ga-Selati River, Olifants River System, South Africa 7
Linda Conner Coal capital arrival, Indigenous and settler responses 38
Mariana Galvão Lyra Challenging extractivism – Brazilian activism in the Fundão dam disaster’s aftermath 62
Huei-Ling Lai A Quest for Sustainable Rural Development - The Anti-Water Grabbing Campaign and the Alternative Food Network Initiative in Hsichou, Taiwan 141
Javier Taks Water and development imagery after the landing of Finnish forestry and cellulose industries in Uruguay. The UPM case. 260

Sub-Session 3.3 - Work, Nature, & the Contradictions of Capitalism
Room Sali 8 (3008)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Ayonghe Akonwi Nebasifu Capitalism and Ecology of Prunus Africana Extraction on Mount Cameroon: A Review Analysis 13
Alejandro De Coss-Corzo Situating World-Ecology: Urban Political Ecology and the Urbanisation of Water in Mexico City 45
Mara Fridell Immigrants and Humanity 57
Danielle Vesia Towards a Structural Analysis of the Second Contradiction of Capitalism: Modeling the Natural Resource Economy, 1995 - 2010 285

Sub-Session 4.3 - Agrarian Questions of Food Justice
Room Sali 10 (3010)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Ana Alvarenga De Castro Neo-Extractivism and the impossibility of “ending hunger” from the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development proposition 19
Mercedes Biocca Political Administration of Argentinian Rural Areas in the Post-Neoliberal Era. Experiences in the Qom Community in Chaco, Argentina 29
Ville Lähde Food Security and Food Sovereignty - The Inevitability of Conceptual Struggle 137
Andrew Müller Eat Insects to Save Capitalism? 188

Sub-Session 5.3 - Mining the Earth for Capital
Room Sali 14 (4048)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Jeannette Graulau Mining and world-ecology: the last 1,000 years 73
Johanna Järvelä and Ville-Pekka Sorsa The corporate license to operate: governing the capacity for corporate agency in Finnish mining 100
Rikke Luther ‘New World Order: Sand’ and ‘Mining: The Seabed’ (Detail from The Sand Bank project) 166
Juanita Melo Guzmán Illegal Gold Mining and Resistance in the Black Community of El Hoyo (Cauca, Colombia) 167
Satu Ranta-Tyrkkö Challenges of social work in extractive peripheries: notes from two mining regions 221

Working Group Session 4: August 17, 2018 from 13:00 – 14:30

Sub-Session 1.4 - Environmentalisms of the Rich
Room Sali 6 (3006)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Rubi Alvarez-Rodriguez The Effects of Wealth on Eco-centric and Anthropocentric Environmentalism: A Statistical Approach using the World Values Survey 22
Michael Kleinod Utopia as world-ecological regulator: the case of ecotouristic Authenticity 118
Marija Radovanović Sustainable development as the ruling idea 217
Janne Salovaara and Sophia Hagolani-Albov Inescapable path-dependency and unbreakable barriers: The overpowering presence of capitalism in sustainability transformation 230
Maria Sandberg Reducing Consumption: A Review of the Literature 236

Sub-Session 2.4 -Revolutionary Ontologies & Epistemologies
Room Sali 7 (3007)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Tiina Jääskeläinen Epistemological pluralism and geopolitics of knowledge - the Sámi ways of life and assembling of a ´new´ Arctic 95
Maija Lassila Seeking plural ontologies in the shadow of Sakatti mineral exploration project in Viiankiaapa swamp, northern Finland 146
Andrej W. Nowak Homo nyama versus homo sacer dialectic of inclusion/exclusion and ontology of life itself 197
Silviya Serafimova Is the End of Cheap Nature Possible? Searching for New Ethics in the Era of the Capitalocene 251

Sub-Session 3.4 - New regimes of commodification and state formation on the resource frontiers
Room Sali 8 (3008)

Presenter Abstract title Page
- Session Description 305
Johanna Götz and Carl Middleton “Resource politics” in Myanmar/Burma through the lens of hydrosocial territories: Implications for the peace process 68
Mira Käkönen Interplay of resource making and state making in the Cardamom Mountains Southwest Cambodia 110
Anu Lounela New commodity regimes in the making of frontiers in Indonesia 160
Tuomas Tammisto State formation on the oil palm frontier of Papua New Guinea 267

Sub-Session 4.4 - Extractivism and the Global Color and Gender Lines
Room Sali 10 (3010)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Joshua Eichen The Time of Extraction and the Extraction of Time: Theorizing Temporalities in Cycles of Commodity Booms & Busts 53
Markus Kröger The Role of Ethnic Relations in Extractivism and its Resistance 132
Paola Minoia Inside the grabbed land: space of colonial persistence in Kenya 172
Quinta Osei Ndi Women as victims of land grabbing: Implications for household food security and livelihoods 196

Sub-Session 5.4 - Commodity Frontiers
Room Sali 14 (4048)

Presenter Abstract title Page
Önder Eren Akgül Global Capitalism and Opening of Ottoman Aegean Frontier, 1740s - 1910s 12
Benjamin Bunk "Só lixo" - Just waste: Brazilian waste-pickers initiatives and the local plausibility of egalitarian norms in spaces for self-formation processes 35
Andrew Jobling The expansion of the agribusiness frontier and new spaces of capitalism on the Peruvian coast: the case of the Olmos Project 105
Sören Köpke Politics of Extractivism and Resistance on the Inner Mongolian Grasslands 126
Kyla Sankey Communities against capital? The politics of palm oil expansion in Colombia’s Middle Magdalena 239
Árni Daníel Júlíusson The closing of a commodity frontier: The case of sheep export from Iceland around 1900 307

* The second number of the sub-session number corresponds to the overall session number. So sub-session 5.3 is the 5th sub-section of session 3. We will have the schedule posted on the door of each room at the conference.

**Please note that presentation order at the conference within your sub-session might change from what is listed here.