Open event: Moving Beyond Extractivisms

OPEN PLENARY PANEL (at 13:30-15:20)
Mov­ing bey­ond ex­tract­iv­isms: res­ist­ance, act­iv­ism, and scholarly work

In an effort to connect World-Ecology discussions more closely with movement building one of the plenary session is devoted to a conversation between activist-scholars. Speakers include Larry Lohmann (UK), Soumitra Ghosh (India), Uddhab Pyakurel (Nepal), Kyi Phyo (Myanmar), Khu Khu Ju (Myanmar) and Marko Ulvila (Finland). We will also get a message from a Sámi artist, activist and scholar Pauliina Feodoroff. To learn more about the speakers in the plenary panel, see the Keynotes page here.

In this panel special attention is given to strategies of collective organising in the resource frontiers, particularly in South and Southeast Asian contexts. Two of our speakers come from Myanmar which serves as a paradigmatic resource frontier which after its recent opening is experiencing a rush into its rich resources and a boom of extractive projects. The panel will also include an exploration of the following questions:

  • How to support struggles of resistance across various resource and commodity frontiers?
  • What is the role of scholarly work in the politics of struggle and movement building?
  • How to foster actual transformations and move beyond extractivism of various sorts?

This session is open to the broader public. If you are not registered for the larger conference, please use this free of charge registration link.

Similar, open policy, applies to the working group “Moving Beyond Extractivism: Dialogue on activist experiences and strategies”. Use the same free of charge registration link given above. (With the free-of-charge registration you get coffee/snacks after the plenary)

These sessions are organized in collaboration with Development Studies/University of Helsinki and the Siemenpuu Foundation.