Excursion to Lonna island

We will be having a relaxing excursion to Lonna Island which is just off the coast of Helsinki.
Optional Excursion to Lonna Island

We will take a boat to this darling little island and enjoy a pulla (sweet bun) and coffee together once we arrive. You may then explore the island at your leisure and have a final hang out with your fellow world-ecologists. The island has great spots for relaxing and a public sauna which opens at 14:30!


Meet at the Market Square "Kolera-altaan laituri" at 11:45 (map here). Ferry to the island at 12.00 (takes approximately 15 minutes). 

We will walk together from the ferry to the café to have a pulla and coffee together right after we arrive (coffee and treat included in the price). The JT Line ferry back to Market Square leaves every .35 (12.35, 13.35, 14.35, etc.), you can go back whenever you wish, you do not have to go with your group. (round trip ferry ticket included in the price).

Info about the Sauna:

Public saunas on the island are open on Saturday from 2.30 pm until 8.30 pm. The 2-hour sauna pass costs EUR 16. A towel may be rented with the fee of EUR 5. It is recommended to book the sauna in advance. There is also a beach on the island if you want to bring your swimming gear! Hopefully, we will get the best that Finnish summer has to offer!

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