Suohpanterror - a poster exhibition

Suohpanterror: No access without consent
Series of posters, 2018

Suohpanterror is an anonymous Sami group from the Sápmi, the Sami homeland. The group that has been active since 2012, focuses centrally on disturbance art posters, performative action, and community art.

With its work, the group wants to bring into focus the unfulfilled indigenous rights of the Sami, as well as the several grievances experienced by the Sami, such as colonialism, racism and the exploitation of the Sami homeland. Suohpanterror criticizes the colonization of people and the environment and encourages every individual into thinking decolonially.

Suohpanterror comments on actual, societal questions with its art-activism. The ‘artivism’ of Suohpanterror is thus creative and nonviolent resistance on behalf of justice.

The work of Suohpanterror has been exhibited in numerous solo, street and group exhibitions in the Sami homeland, the Nordic countries, and Europe. Suohpanterror is active in social media. More information on the web.