Here you can find the programme for the HEPP3 Conference.

Note that times are in EEST (UTC +3).

You can find the abstract book here:

Wednesday 15 June

9:00-9.20 Registration
9.20-9.45 Opening words: Virpi Salojärvi
Book Launch of Juha Herkman: Cultural Approach to Populism

10:00-11:30 Panel session 1
Panel 1.1 Memory, Counter-memory and Myths
Rebecca Carr - "Between the Seat and the Screen: The Interplay between Spectator-Subjects and Myths"
Deniz Demir - "Collective Memory in the Post-truth Era: Digital Counter-Memory Archives from Turkey"
Sophie Schmalenberger - "Feeling (Eastern) German: The AfD and Populism as Affective Alternative"
Cristiano Gianolla - "The narrative and emotional structure of populist mythology"
Chair: Marina Vulovic

Panel 1.2 Populism & Ideology: Left vs. Right-wing populism
Lorenzo Viviani and Mirko Crulli - "The European radical right populism during the “long crisis-decade” (2008-2019)"
Reid Kleinberg - "The Firebrand’s Echo: How Media Spectacles and Fantasy Undermine Nationalist Left-Populist Movements"
Paolo Cossarini - "The people and the nation. Discourses of sovereign communities in left- and right-wing politics in France"
Eoin Micheál McNamara - "A Baltic Storm in a Teacup? EKRE’s Populist Geopolitics in Government in Estonia"
Chair: Emilia Palonen

Panel 1.3 Populist Communication on Social Media and Messaging Apps
Franziska Wagner - "Emotive Rhetoric in Nationalist Discourse on Social Media"
Zea Szebeni - "On the like-hunt: Emotional reactions to political messaging in the Hungarian elections"
Niko Pyrhönen, Anton Berg and Katja Valaskivi - "Mediatized religious populism: Circulation & remediation via fast messaging apps"
Kun He - "The discursive logics of online populism: social media as “pressure valve” of public debate in China"
Chair: Tanja Sihvonen

Panel 1.4 LGBTQ+ Rights and Anti-gender Rhetoric
Katinka Linnamäki and Laura Sibinescu - "Anti-LGBTQ+ referenda in Hungary and Romania"
Marton Gera - "Social categorization processes in Viktor Orbán’s anti-LGBTQ campaign"
Marie Cazes - "Also 60: The Finns Party and the dual discourse on gender equality"
Chair: Emilia Lounela

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-14:00 Panel session 2
Panel 2.1 Ukraine Stream: Emotional Responses to Crisis and War
Mykola Polovyi - "Evolution of empathy to "LNR" and "DNR" in Russian social media as the mean of substantiation the Russian's invasion"
Alina Mozolevska - "Laughter through Tears: Role of Humor in Ukrainian Resistance Against Russian Aggression"
Roman Urbanowicz - "Moral Catastrophes and Visceral Responses: Uprising of August 2020 in the Belarusian countryside"
Chair: Laura Sibinescu

Panel 2.2 New Media, Old Media
Katrina Koppel - "The blame game. Sentiments and interactions between mainstream and counterpublic"
Nikola Venkov - "New media and the retreat of liberal hegemony: a new Laclauian perspective"
Patrycja Kozieł - "Emotions, Humour & Cultural Populism in COVID Cartoons. The Case Study of Nigeria"
Yuliya Grishina - "Denying Domestic Violence Through the Use of Sexuality in Popular Media?"
Chair: Anu Kantola

Panel 2.3 (Far-right) Populism and the Covid-19 Pandemic
Ionut Chiruta - "Rituals of Rebellion and Counter-Hegemonic Discourse During COVID-19 in Romania"
Ekaterina Lytkina and Tim Reeskens - "I can’t change it, but I’ll punish you! Emotions and Populism in COVID-19 Times"
Vivian Gerrand - "Understanding militant wellness in an age of polarization"
Hakan Övünç Ongur - "Is COVID-19 Reversing Populist Health Politics? A Discussion From Turkey"
Chair: Sabine Volk

Panel 2.4 The Polarization of Societies in Times of Populism
Dayei Oh - "How false polarisation is discursively constructed in cultural populist moments"
Sonia Horonziak - "Can a polarized society remain democratic? Political polarization and the theory of democracy - findings on the example of Poland"
Uğur Baloğlu - "Neoconservative Politics and Cultural Polarization: Constructing ‘the People’ Against ‘Elites’ in Turkey"
Tuğçe Erçetin, Emre Erdogan and Pınar Uyan Semerci - "How to Mitigate Polarization: An Example of Good Practice from Turkey"
Chair: Alexander Alekseev

14:00-14:15 Coffee break

14:15-15:45 Panel session 3
Panel 3.1 Populism and Music
Emre Metin Bilginer - "The Instrumentalization of Music by Populist Parties: Donald Trump's Unauthorized Use of Popular Songs in Pre-Election Rallies" 
Ágnes Patakfalvi-Czirják - "'Music Unites Us' The mainstreaming of populism through popular music in Hungary"
Maximilian Kreter - "Pandemic, populism and conspiracy beliefs in Germanophone Far Right Music:  Ideological and musical productivity during the Covid-19 pandemic"
Sebastián Moreno Barreneche - "Hopes and Fears. Populist political actors' use of music in meaning-making"
Chair: Tuukka Brunila

Panel 3.2 The Implications of Anti-establishment Politics for Democracy
Uros Ugarkovic - "Populism vs parliamentarism: Towards nonantagonistic forms of democratic politics"
Laura-Elena Sibinescu - "‘The People Have a Right to See This!’: The Use of Facebook Live As a Populist Tool"
Ayan Das and Debajit Goswami - "Democratic and Radical capacities of Populist Politics"
Márton Bene - "A safety net against populism? An investigation of the interaction effect of political efficacy and democratic capacities on populist attitudes"
Chair: Katinka Linnamäki

Panel 3.3 Populism, Disinformation, and Conspiracy Theories
Cora Cuenca and Sara Rebollo-Bueno - "From fear to conspiracy theories: far-right propaganda during the COVID-19"
Dolors Palau-Sampio - "Disinformation strategies: Clickbait patterns and polarization"
Alena Kluknavská - "Emotional responses to uncivil communication, post-truth and crisis on Facebook"
Patrick Sawyer and Yağmur Kalaycı - "Conspiracy Theories as a Component of Populist Rhetoric"
Chair: Zea Szebeni

Panel 3.4 Political Parties and the Use of (Social) Media
Niko Hatakka and Judith Sijstermans - "Social media and PRRP organisation in Finland and Belgium"
Michał Nawrocki - "'Populist securitization' of climate change: vilification of EU climate policies"
Pia Schramm - "Digital Populist Practices to the Museum Landscape"
Bianca Alighieri Luz Monteiro - "The victims and the saviour: Bolsonaro's populist narrative around refugee women"
Chair: Lani Hartikainen

15:45-16:15 Coffee break

16:15-17:45 Keynote lecture: Julia Leser
Title: "The power of affects and the far right: Stories from the field"

18:15 Conference reception

Thursday 16 June

9:30-11:00 Keynote lecture on Ukraine: Olesya Khromeychuk
Title: "Narrating and Consuming Russia's War in Ukraine"

11:00-11:15 Coffee break

11:15-12:45 Panel session 4
Panel 4.1 New Perspectives on Populism
Ferruh Yilmaz - "Populism and Moral Panic"
Anna Catharina Sampaio Vale - "Five dimensions to populist communication: debating parameters"
Liv Sunnercrantz - "Spectres of the climate crisis, or, an intergenerational haunted politics"
Miriam Sokalski - "The Emotional Identity"
Chair: Timothy Appleton

Panel 4.2 Authoritarian and Ethnic Mobilizations
Pranay Somayajula - "The Ideological Foundations of Ethnic Democracy in India and Israel"
Tamta Gelashvili - "Political opportunities for far-right mobilization in Ukraine"
Sergio Schargel - "'BUT YOU’RE NOT A REAL JEW': The veiled Brazilian antisemitism"
Alexander Alekseev - "(Changing) Democracy in (Transforming) PRR Discourses: The Case of the PiS"
Chair: Ionut Chiruta

Panel 4.3 Affective Polarization and Emotional Communication
Tuğçe Erçetin, Emre Erdogan and Pınar Uyan Semerci - "Affective Polarization: A Type of Othering?"
Ana Maria Hojbota and Cristina Maria Tofan - "The many faces of authenticity and emotions in populist rhetoric. The case of legitimizing war actions"
Iida Pyy and Anniina Leiviskä - "Challenging the politics of negative emotions in educational policy-making"
Erisa Zykaj - "When populists play with emotions inside the EU institutions. Nigel Farage case"
Chair: Mikko Salmela

12:45-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Panel session 5
Panel 5.1 Ukraine Stream: The Digital Warfront
Siarhei Liubimau - "Platforms and Infrastructures of Political Populism in 2020s Belarus"
Tanja Sihvonen - "Clash of Realities? TikTok Videos as Warfront in Ukraine"
Nuppu Pelevina - "Russian Instagram influencers' strategies’ during the Russian war in Ukraine"
Svitlana Kot - "War Diaries : time-space compression in Facebook users' blogs about the war"
Chair: Joonas Koivukoski

Panel 5.2 Commemoration, Heritage and Identity in Populism
Sophie Schmalenberger - "'Germany. But normal.': The AfD and the Re-articulation of the National Normal"
Christian Lamour - "Circulating emotions during commemorations : the multi-faceted attitude of right-wing populist politicians"
Anna Sosnovskaya - "Discourse analysis of the present conflict over heritage preservation in Saint Petersburg"
Chair: Cristiano Gianolla

Panel 5.3 Populist Reactions to Social Transformation
Ozge Ozduzen, Bogdan Ianosev and Nelli Ferenczi - "A passport to freedom: What roles marginalisation and discrimination play in reactions to vaccine mandates"
Gavin Sullivan - "Political Reactionism as Affective Practice"
Can Zengin - "From Shame to Populism: The Role of Pride in Political Attitude"
Anu Kantola - "The great squeeze: The politics of economic transformations"
Chair: Ruta Kazlauskaite

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-17:30 Panel session 6
Panel 6.1 (Immi-)Migration Discourses
Marcus Nicholson - "Macro-Narratives of Scottish Distinctiveness and Migrant Experiences"
Lani Hartikainen and Zea Szebeni - "Exclusively our people: Defining tribalism through the Slovak case"
Ivana Piterová and Jana Papcunová - "Polarisation of attitudes towards migration in pre-election period"
Oscar Garcia Agustin - "Spatial polarization. Nationalized localism against globalism in Denmark"
Chair: Julia Leser

Panel 6.2 Political Humor
Joonas Koivukoski, Juha Herkman - "It was just a joke! Right-wing populist humor scandals in Finland"
Joonas Koivukoski - "Political Aspects of Humor in the Hybrid Media Environment"
Daniel Beck - "Parodic Humour in Populist Communication"
Chair: Alina Mozolevska

Panel 6.3 (Audio)Visuality and Populism
Morgane Belhadi - "Postmodern populism and visuality in French politics"
Valerio Coladonato and Dom Holdaway - "Neither National Nor Popular: The Methodological Challenges of Studying European Populisms through Films and TV series"
Oliver Arellano-Padilla - "Populist America; branding, typography, and graphic design through the lens of political theory"
Gwenaelle Bauvois - "Eric Zemmour’s presidential campaign or the spectacularization of France's grand replacement"
Chair: Virpi Salojärvi
Panel 6.4 FATIGUE goes HEPP: Populism in Central and Eastern Europe
Paulina Lenik - "Comparative analysis of neo-feudal and communist legacies in the CEE"
Elena Cossu - "The Effects of Populism on Economic Growth"
Ionut Chiruta - "Right-wing mobilization strategies and diaspora politics: the rise of AUR"
Sabine Volk - "Explaining PEGIDA’s “Strange Survival”: An Ethnographic Approach to Far-right Protest Rituals"
Chair: Sabine Volk

19:30- Optional conference dinner at Ravintola Suomenlinnan Panimo on Suomenlinna, an island in the Helsinki Harbour

Friday 17 June

9:30-11:00 Keynote panel on Populism and Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe
Petra Guasti

Title: "Varieties of Illiberal Backlash in Central Europe"
Kinga Polynczuk-Alenius
Title: "Of Lukashenko's tourists and Ukrainian mothers: Borderscaping in Polish 'identity journalism"
Umut Korkut

11:00-11:15 Coffee break

11:30-12:45 Roundtable: Outcomes of the WHIKNOW Project

12:45-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Panel session 7
Panel 7.1 Ukraine Stream: War and Time: The Role of Memory and the Past
Matias Muuronen - "Memory laws and nationalistic fervour: a ‘’Nazi’’ threat in Putin´s regime"
Natalia Dorfman - "Carnivalization of war in Ukrainian folklore, comparative aspect"
Kia Lindroos - "On Violence; Re-reading Walter Benjamin’s essay Zur Kritik der Gewalt"
Alina Mozolevska - "Post-Soviet Nostalgia and Memory War in Contemporary Ukrainian Political Communication"
Chair: Kinga Polynczuk-Alenius

Panel 7.2 Reflecting the Role of Emotions in Populism
Thomas Zicman de Barros - "Cholericly Emancipated? Political Affect in the Yellow Vests movement"
Aastha Tyagi - "Judaav (affectionate connection), emotions, and cadres: how affective connections shape and sustain the Hindu nationalist movement in India"
Tereza Capelos, Mikko Salmela and Gabija Krisciunaite - "Grievance Politics: An Empirical Analysis of Anger through Ressentiment"
Radosław Sojak, Andrzej Meler and Beata Królicka - "MPs’ emotions on COVID-19. In search of automated populism detection method"
Chair: Taneli Viitahuhta

Panel 7.3 Theorizing the Role of (New) Media in Populism
Salla Tuomola - "The Good, the Mean Counter-publics"
Cora Cuenca and Juan Manuel García-González - "Demographic populism in Spanish press: ideology, politics, and Malthusianism"
Vlastimil Havlík and Alena Kluknavská - "I hate you, but I love you! Post-truth claims on media by populist radical right"
Ruta Kazlauskaite - "Bringing the past to life: Right-wing politics of history and prosthetic memories in the age of immersive media"
Chair: Juha Herkman

Panel 7.4 Examining Facets of Hungarian Populism
Robert Sata - "The Politicization of Europe vs. the EU in Hungarian Populist Discourse"
András Hettyey - "’Hungarian Narcissism’: The emotional basis of Hungary’s kin-state policy"
Xénia Farkas - "Just like us, yet more than you: The visual and verbal populist style of Viktor Orbán on Facebook"
Emilia Palonen - 
Chair: Umut Korkut

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-17:30 Keynote
Laclaudian affect: a conversation with Tim Appleton and Emilia Palonen

End of the Conference