The concept of HEPP conferences is to meet irregularly for conferences that have ranged from all on site to online and hybrid.


After the success of our first HEPP conference on "Emotions, Populism, and Polarised Politics, Media, and Culture" in August 2019, we decided to continue with conferences in May 2021 and June 2022 - and December 2023. The aim of this series of conferences is to bring together a variety of international researchers at all career stages dealing with a broad range of topics that employ a post-structuralist and/or post-foundational approach to critical inquiry. The conferences seek to address different issues from both theoretical and empirical perspectives, especially those exploring the intersection of different positionalities and challenging bounded national contexts.

This series of conferences are organised by the Helsinki Hub on Emotions, Populism and Polarisation, which is composed of one project funded by the Academy of Finland - Whirl of Knowledge: Cultural Populism in European Polarised Politics and Societies (WhiKnow), one project funded by the Kone Foundation - Now-Time Us-Space: Hegemonic Mobilisations in Central Eastern Europe, and De-Radicalisation in Europe and Beyond horizon project funded by the European Commission. The conferences are organized with the support of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki.

The HEPP3's organising committee was

Academic team:

Emilia Palonen, Virpi Salojärvi, Ilana Hartikainen and Sabine Volk.

Technical and practical team:

Roosa-Maria Kylli and Laura Horsmanheimo.

To contact: hepp@helsinki.fi