Emotions, Populism and Polarised Politics, Media, and Culture


We are excited to invite you to our HEPP4 conference at the University of Helsinki 11-13 December 2023, with an special symposium day at the University of Lapland on 14 December 2023.* The conference will be organised on-site primarily but also with hybrid options, and streamed keynote sessions.

The event draws on the several projects of the HEPP research group from populist mobilisation in time and space, (de)radicalisation, pandemic endurance, and datafication focusing particularly on interpretive and discourse theoretical research in an interdisciplinary context.

Registration is open until 30 September for both invited presenters as well as attendees. We are looking forward to several exciting parallel sessions with established and emerging scholars from around the world.

(*)The 2023 event will also be followed by a small post-conference workshop on North-South populism, (post)colonialism and discourse theory, in collaboration with the Univesity of Lapland, with a separate thematic call for papers.

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